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Maintenance; General; Maintenance Schedule; Cleaning - Husqvarna FS 400 LV Operator's Manual

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WARNING! The user must only carry out the
maintenance and service work described in
this manual. More extensive work must be
carried out by an authorized service
Switch off the engine before carrying out
any checks or maintenance.
Wear personal protective equipment. See
instructions under the heading "Personal
protective equipment".
The life span of the machine can be reduced
and the risk of accidents can increase if
machine maintenance is not carried out
correctly and if service and/or repairs are
not carried out professionally. If you need
further information please contact your
nearest servicing dealer.
Let your Husqvarna dealer regularly check the machine
and make essential adjustments and repairs.

Maintenance schedule

In the maintenance schedule you can see which parts of your
machine that require maintenance, and with which intervals it
should take place. The intervals are calculated based on daily
use of the machine, and may differ depending on the rate of
Daily maintenance


External cleaning
Air filter
Sediment cup
Functional inspection
General inspection
Engine oil
Drive belt
Emergency stop*
Blade guards*
Blade shaft
Grease nipple for depth adjustment
*See instructions in the section "Machine's safety
** See instructions in the section "Blades" and "Assembly and


External cleaning
Check that all couplings, connections and cables are
intact and free from dirt.
The blade is cooled by water being sprayed through small
holes in the blade guard. Make sure that these small holes
are unblocked so that the blade is properly cooled.
Air filter
For cleaning and change of air filter, read the operator's
manual supplied by the engine manufacturer.
The air filter may need cleaning 2-3 times per day in
extremely dusty environments.
A damaged air filter must always be replaced.
Spark plug
If the machine is low on power, difficult to start or runs
poorly at idle speed: always check the spark plug first
before taking other steps.
Ensure that the spark plug cap and ignition lead are
undamaged to avoid the risk of electric shock.
If the spark plug is dirty, clean it and at the same time
check the electrode gap. Replace if necessary. See the
supplied instruction manual for the engine.
CAUTION! Always use the recommended spark plug type!
Use of the wrong spark plug can damage the piston/cylinder.
These factors cause deposits on the spark plug electrodes,
which may result in operating problems and starting
An incorrect fuel mixture (too much or incorrect type of
A dirty air filter.
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Table of Contents

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