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Mitsubishi Electric Hydrobox EHSC Series Installation Manual page 25

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System Set Up
Initial setting wizard
When the main remote controller is switched on for the first time, the screen automatically goes to Language setting screen , Date/Time setting screen and Main settings
menu screen in order. Enter the desired number using the function keys and press CONFIRM.
This setting restricts the booster heater capacity. It is NOT possible to change the setting after starting up.
If you do not have any special requirements (such as building regulations) in your country, skip this setting (select "No").
Main Settings Menu
The main settings menu can be accessed by pressing the MENU button. To re-
duce the risk of untrained end users altering the settings accidentally there are
two access levels to the main settings; and the service section menu is password
User Level – Short press
If the MENU button is pressed once for a short time the main settings will be
displayed but without the edit function. This will enable the user to view current
settings but NOT change the parameters.
Installer Level – Long press
If the MENU button is pressed down for 3 seconds the main settings will be dis-
played with all functionality available.
The color of
buttons is inverted, as per figure on right. <Fig. 5.5.1>.
The following items can be viewed and/or edited (dependent on access level).
• Domestic Hot water (DHW)
• Heating/Cooling
• Schedule timer
• Holiday mode
• Initial settings
• Service (Password protected)
Main menu
Long Press
<Fig. 5.5.1>

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