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Zanussi 5200 B Instructions For Use And Care Manual

Zanussi use and care mixed fuel cooker zcm 5200, w zcm, 5200 b
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ZCM 5200 W
ZCM 5200 B
Appliances class 2 sub class 1 and class 1



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  Summary of Contents for Zanussi 5200 B

  • Page 1 INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE USE AND CARE ZANUSSI MIXED FUEL COOKER ZCM 5200 W ZCM 5200 B Appliances class 2 sub class 1 and class 1...
  • Page 2 It is dangerous to alter the specifications or modify the product in any way. This appliance should be serviced by an authorised Zanussi Network Service Centre, and only genuine Zanussi spare parts should be used. Cookers become very hot with use, and retain their heat for a long period after use.
  • Page 3 Note: If you require service, you must quote the model number (see front cover), and the serial number, refer to your supplier or local Zanussi Service Force Centre. CLASS APPLIANCE: 2 sub class 1 and class 1...
  • Page 4: Technical Data

    TECHNICAL DATA Model Number: ZCM 5200 W ZCM 5200 B Dimensions Height Depth Width Oven Capacity Rear left heat area Front left heat area Rear right heat area Front right heat area N = Normal burner R = Rapid burner...
  • Page 5: Control Panel

    CONTROL PANEL PUSH PUSH TIME TIME STOP STOP BOTH BOTH 1. Electronic Minute Minder 2. Thermostat control light 3. Ignition button 4. Mains-on light 5. Oven selector knob 6. Oven thermostat knob 7. Semi-rapid burner knob 8. Rapid burner knob 9.
  • Page 6 The oven light remains on with all cooking functions. The oven control knob symbols are listed together with a brief description of the functions (a more detailed explanation of the functions and how to use them are given in the "ZANUSSI COOKBOOK" book). Fig. 1 Ø Max...
  • Page 7 Oven control knob (Fig. 2) By turning this control knob, you can select any of the following functions: Oven light, this will come on whenever the oven is in use. Traditional cooking, uses the top and bottom element for single shelf cooking; this function will enable you to use your favourite recipes without having to adapt the temperatures.
  • Page 8 Once the temperature has returned to a safe level, the safety thermostat will switch back on and the oven will re-start. In cases where is a permanent failure it is necessary to contact the Zanussi Network Engineer. USING THE GRILL...
  • Page 9: Oven Cooking Chart

    OVEN COOKING CHART Food to be cooked Cakes * Mixture in mould * Puff pastry, base * Mixture with rising agent * Small cakes * Victoria sandwich * Scones * Bread Meat Veal Beef Pork Chicken Chopped turkey Duck Stews Beef stew Veal stew Fish...
  • Page 10 GRILL, ECONOMY GRILL TEMPERATURE SELECTION Important All grilling must be carried out with the oven door closed and the grill pan handle removed from the pan. Most foods should be placed on the grid in the grill pan to allow maximum circulation of air to lift the food out of the fats and juices.
  • Page 11 THERMAL GRILLING Use of thermal grilling Thermal grilling offers an alternative method of cooking food items normally associated with conventional grilling. The grill element and the oven fan operate alternately, circulating hot air around the food. The need to check and turn food is reduced. Thermal grilling helps to minimise cooking smells in the kitchen and allows you to grill with the oven door closed.
  • Page 12 ELECTRONIC MINUTE MINDER ELECTRONIC MINUTE MINDER 1. ( - ) Decrease control & minute minder setting button 2. ( + ) Increase control ) Cookpot symbol ) PUSH BOTH CLOCK SETTING SYMBOL 1. Set the time of day When the electricity supply is first switched ON, the display will flash 0.00.
  • Page 13: The Minute Minder

    2. The minute minder IMPORTANT The minute minder can be used to time a set cooking period. At the end of the cook time the minute minder will automatically switch off the oven if in use. The minute minder gives an audible reminder at the end of any period of cooking up to 23 hours and 59 minutes.
  • Page 14: Maintenance And Cleaning

    If the rubber feet become detached from the pan support re-fit as per diagram Fig. 7. Anti-scratch rubber feed can be obtained from you local Zanussi Service Centre for a small charge, when ordering please quote spare part number 355602301/2.
  • Page 15 Oven Cavity The enamelled oven cavity is best cleaned whilst still warm. It is preferable/advisable to wipe the oven door with a soft cloth soaked in warm detergent water, after each use. However, occasionally, it will be necessary to do a more thorough cleaning using a proprietary oven cleaner.
  • Page 16 Removing the oven door (Fig. 11 & 12) Warning: It is important that the retaining discs are fully turned and located as the hinges are under high sprung tension. 1. Open the door completely so that it is in the horizontal position.
  • Page 17 IMMEDIATELY. THEN CONTACT YOUR GAS BOARD. If after all these checks, the oven still does not work, contact your local Zanussi Service Force Centre. When you contact them, they will need the following information: 1. Your name, address and post code.
  • Page 18: Service And Spare Parts

    Customer Care Booklet. PEACE OF MIND FOR 12 MONTHS ZANUSSI GUARANTEE CONDITIONS We, Zanussi, undertake that if, within 12 months of the date of the purchase, this Zanussi appliance or any part thereof is proved to be defective by any...

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