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Maintenance; Cleaning After Every Wash; Cleaning The Appliance Periodically - LG T2312VS2W Owner's Manual

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• Unplug the appliance before cleaning to avoid the risk of electric shock. Failure to follow this warning
may result in serious injury, fire, electric shock, or death.
• Never use harsh chemicals, abrasive cleaners, or solvents to clean the appliance. They may damage the

Cleaning after Every Wash

What to Clean
• If you always use cold water, we recommend
that a warm or hot wash be used at regular
intervals e.g. every 5th wash should be at least a
warm one.
• Turn off taps after use to prevent the chance of
flooding, otherwise an inlet hose may burst.
• Always unplug the power cord after use.
• After the cycle is finished, wipe the door and the
inside of the door to remove any moisture.
• Clean around the bleach dispenser with water to
flush any residual bleach from the dispenser
opening as bleach can be corrosive if left
• Leave the door open to dry the drum interior but
only if it is safe and any children are supervised.
Cleaning the Exterior
Proper care of the appliance can extend the service
• Immediately wipe off any spills.
• Wipe with a damp cloth and then again with a
dry cloth ensuring there is no moisture in
cabinet joints or crevices.
• Do not press on the surface or the display with
sharp objects.
Dispenser Drawer
Detergent may build up in the dispenser drawer.
Remove the drawer and inserts from the dispenser
drawer and clean any buildup once or twice a
Cleaning the Appliance
Tub Clean
This is a special function to help clean the inside of
the appliance by soaking, washing, rinsing and
Run this function once a month (or more often if
needed) to reduce build-up of detergent and
softener and other residue.
• If there is a bad smell or mildew inside the
appliance, run this function once a week for 3
weeks in addition to the regularly prompted
• The
message will be displayed to alert to the
recommendation of operating the Tub Clean
• If the
message is displayed on the appliance,
or if it is selected after the completion of 30 wash
cycles, the running time will increase up to 12
hours due to added soaking time.
• For models with a lint filter, remove lint or dirt
from the inside of the lint filter before and after
using this programme.