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Super Freeze Mode; Lock/Unlock; Door Alarm; Noises Inside The Unit - Kenwood KMD60X19 Instruction Manual

64cm multi-door total frost free fridge freezer


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super freeze mode

Press MODE button repeatedly until
the indicator will stop flashing but remain on. Temperature in the freezer compartment will be
quickly lowered. Noise of the refrigerator may be slightly higher during Super Freeze Mode.
The Super Freeze Mode will automatically switch off after 50 hours. Alternatively, to switch off
manually, press MODE button to exit. After 5 seconds the
adjust the freezer temperature manually unless you exit Super Freeze mode.


Press and hold MODE button for 3 seconds to lock/unlock the keypad. The
up when locked and extinguish when unlocked.

door alarm

If the door is open for about 60 seconds, an alarm will sound. Close the door to clear the alarm.

noises inside the unit!

You may notice that your unit makes some unusual noises. Most of these are perfectly normal, but
you should be aware of them!
These noises are caused by the circulation of the refrigerant liquid in the cooling system. It has
become more pronounced since the introduction of CFC free gases. This is not a fault and will
not affect the performance of your unit. This is the compressor motor working, as it pumps the
refrigerant around the system.

tips for keeping food in the unit

Cooked meats/fishes should always be stored on a shelf above raw meats/fishes to avoid
bacterial transfer. Keep raw meats/fishes in a container which is large enough to collect juices
and cover it properly. Place the container on the lowest shelf.
Leave space around your food, to allow air to circulate inside the compartments. Ensure all parts
of the unit are kept cool.
To prevent transfer of flavours and drying out, pack or cover the food separately. Fruit and
vegetables do not need to be wrapped.
Always let pre-cooked food cool down before you put in the unit. This will help to maintain the
internal temperature of the unit.
To prevent cold air escaping from the unit, try to limit the number of times you open the doors.
We recommend that you only open the doors when you need to put food in or take food out.

temperature control for chiller/crisper bin

The Chiller/Crisper Bin can function either as chiller bin (to keep food fresh for
a short period of storage) or crisper (salad) bin.
To function as a chiller bin, slide the temperature control up to CHILLER, the
temperature in the Chiller/Crisper Bin will gradually decreased.
To function as a crisper (salad) bin, slide the temperature control down to
indicator begins flashing on the display. After 5 seconds
indicator will extinguish. You cannot
indicator will light

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