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Installation; Identification Of Controls; Bottle Holder - LG GL-201 Owner's Manual

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(Use only inflammable cleaners)
Cleaning of Interior Parts is recommended. Wash all compartments
with a mild baking soda solution, then rinse and dry the compartment.
Use a lukewarm solution of mild soap or detergent to clean the exterior
finish of your refrigerator. Wipe with a clean, damp cloth and then dry.
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lHkh vkUrfjd Hkkxks a dh lQkbZ dh lykg nh tkrh gS A lks M k ds ?kks y ls lHkh Hkkxks a dks /kks , a rFkk lkQ
diM+ s ls iks a N dj lq [ kk ys a A js f Ýtjs V j dh ckgjh lQkbZ ds fy, eUn lkcq u ;k fMVts ± V ds xq u xq u s
?kks y dk iz ; ks x djs a A fQj lkQ&lq F kjs ,oa Hkhxs gq , diM+ s ls iks a N dj lq [ kk,a A


Refrigerator should be located properly in ventilated area.
Levelling of refrigerator should be done with front leg. Refrigerator should be levelled with front to
back inclination for base.
js f Ýtjs V j dks lgh rjg ls goknkj txg ij j[ks a A
js f Ýtjs V j ds Lrj dks fuf'pr djus ds fy, de ;k vf/kd djus okys iS j dh lgk;rk ys u h pkfg,A bldks tehu
ij lq f LFkj djus ds fy, bl iz d kj O;ofLFkr djuk pkfg, fd ;g Fkks M + k lk vkxs ls ihNs dh vks j >q d k gks A
In case of Base stand model
leveling of refrigerator should be
done with front leg of Base Stand
Cks l LVS . M ekW M y ds la n HkZ es js f Ýtjs V j dks
lery djus ds fy, Cks l LVS . M ds lkeus
okys ik;s dk bLrs e ky djuk pkfg,A
In selected models only./
ds o y p;fur ekW M yks ds fy,

Identification of Controls

Use electrical connection
with 3-pin for earthing.
vfFk± x ds fy, rhu fiuks a
okyk fo|q r dus D 'ku dk
iz ; ks x djs a A
220V~240V - 50Hz
dkW L es f Vd ckW D l
Specified storage location for cosmetics and medicines (only those medicines which can
be placed in refrigerator)
;g LFkku dkW L es f Vd o nok;s a j[kus ds dke vkrk gS a ¼ds o y fÝt es a j[kus okyh nokbZ ; ks a dks
gh fÝt es a j[ks a A ½
Soft Tray Veg. is placed in Tray Veg. And very usefull to keep small
vegetables like Lemon, Chilly, Coriander etc.
Vª s os t es a j[kh lkW ¶ V Vª s os t N¨Vh lfCt;k¡ tS l s uha c w ] fepZ ] èkfu;k vkfn
j[kus es a cgq r mi;¨xh gS A


Pull down the bottle holder to store 4 no. of one liter water bottles. Fold it when
not in use.
bles a ,d yhVj ikuh dh pkj cks r y j[kus ds fy;s cks r y gks Y Mj dks uhps a dh rjQ [kha p s rFkk
mi;ks x u vkus ij bls eks M + ns A
Specially designed External panel
to control temperature inside
fo'ks " k :i ls fufeZ r ckgjh iS u y
js f Ýtjs V j
rkieku dks fu;fU=kr djus dh lq f o/kk
iz n ku djrh gS A
Auto Defrost Label Guide
lkW ¶ V Vª s os t
Ckks r y gks Y Mj
- 7 -
Before loading, let refrigerator
run for 8 hrs on Colder >> position
js f Ýtjs V j yks M djus ls igys
mldks dks Y Mj
ij ?ka V s rd



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