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Cpu Configuration - Intel MX4305UE User Manual

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2.4.1 CPU configuration

These options may differ to each CPU. It depends on the feature and items of each
CPU models. This screenshot is for reference only.
C6DRAM [Enabled]
Enabled or Disabled moving DRAM content to PRM memory when CPU is in C6 state.
Configuration options: [Disabled][Enabled]
This depends on CPU sku.
SW Guard Extensions(SGX) [software controlled]
Enable or disables Guard Extensions
Configuration options:[Disabled][Enabled][Software Controlled]
Select owner EPOCH input type [No change in owner EPOCHs]
After user enters EPOCH values manually, the values will not be visible for security reasons
Configuration options:[No change in owner EPOCHs][change to new random owner
EPOCHs][Manual user defined owner EPOCHs]
Intel Virtualization Technology [Enabled]
When enabled, a VWM can utilize the additional hardware capabilities provided by vandrpool
Configuration options: [Disabled][Enabled]
MX4305UE User's Manual
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