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Cleaning; Storage - Frigidaire EAF180-BLACK Instruction Manual

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Frozen Frying Fish
Adding 1/2
spoon of oil
Notice: If the air fryer starts with cold boot, the cooking time should be 3mins longer.
VII. Make Frying Chips by yourself
For the purpose to have the best effect , we advise you to use the pre baked chips
( e.g. frozen chips). To make frying chips by yourself, please follow the steps below.
1. Peel the potatoes and cut them into small rounds.
2. Soak the potato rounds in а bowl for at least 20 minutes , pull them out and drain
them on the paper for cooking room use.
3. Pour olive oil into the bowl with а spoon, put the potato rounds the bowl and mix
them round, until all the potato rounds oiled evenly.
4. Fetch the potatoes chips out of the bowl with your hands or kitchen wares, leave
the redundant oil in the bowl. Then pour the potato rounds the frying tank.
Notice: (1)Put the frying tray in the frying tank before put the potato rounds into the
frying tank. (2) Do not pour all the potato rounds into the frying tank in just one time,
thus to prevent too much oil being collected at the bottom of the frying tank in the
5. Fry the potato rounds the instructions in this chapter.


Clean the product each time after using.
The inside of the frying tank, frying tray and the product are all covered with
non-sticking painted coat. Do not use metal kitchen wares or abrasive cleaning
material to do the cleaning, for this will damage the non-sticking painted coat.
1. Pull out the plug from the power socket, let the product cool down.
2. Use wet cloth to scrub the outside part of the product.
3. Clean the frying tank or frying tray with hot water, detergent and non-abrasive
sponge , please add hot water into the frying tank together with some detergent. Put
the frying tray into the frying tank, and then soak the frying tank and the frying tray
for 10 minutes.
4. Clean the inside of the product with hot water and non-abrasive sponge.
5. Use cleaning brush to clean the heating components, swept away remaining food
6. А timely manner with а clean brush to clean the air inlet opening and the air
outlet opening, so as not to affect the air inlet and the outlet air flow.


1. Pull out the plug of the product, and let it cool down thoroughly.
2. Make sure that all the components are cleaned and dried.
3. Pack up the power wire.

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