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Brief Introduction; Attentions - Frigidaire EAF180-BLACK Instruction Manual

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Brief Introduction

Thank you for purchasing the Frigidaire air fryer!
Enjoy your favorite fried foods in a healthier way!
The Air Fryer the principle of hot air combined with high speed air cycling (fast air to
provide comprehensive heat so there is no oil needed). so for most food, there is no
need to add oil for cooking. With our Air Fryer, now you have а more convenient way
to make delicious food like chicken wings, french fries, and tater tots.


Before using this product, please read through the instruction manual, and preserve
the booklet for later reference.
I. Danger
1. Do not soak the product into water, or wash it under the tap, for there are electric
components and heating components in the product.
2. Do not let water or other liquid flow into the product, in case electric shocks
might take place.
3. Always put the food ingredients in the frying tank for frying, thus to avoid their
contact with the heating components.
4. While the product is working, do not cover the air inlet and outlet opening.
5. Never pour oil into the fryer, for this may cause fire.
6. Do not touch the inside of the product while it is working.
II. Warning
1. Before connecting the product with the electric power, please check if the power
provided is in accordance with the rated power of the product.
2. If there are damages to the plugs, power wire or the product, you should no
longer use the product.
3. If the power wire is broken, to avoid danger, it must be replaced by service
technicians from the manufacturer, manufacturer repairing department or similar
4. This product can be used by child over the age of 8 and persons with imperfect
limbs, lack of relevant experience and the specially assigned person must give
supervision and guidance to their using the product, thus to ensure their safety.
5. Take care of the children, do not let them play the product as toy.
6. When the product is in power or is cooling, the product and the power wire must
be placed at а location out of reach of children under the age of 8.
7. Do not let the power wire touch surfaces with high temperature.
8. Never insert wet hands into the plugs and controlling panel of the product.
9. The product must be connected with а grounded socket, and one must make sure
that it is inserted correctly.
10. Never connect the product with external timer, in case danger might occur.
11. Never put the product on or near combustible material like the table cloth, or
the curtain etc.
12. Never put the product against the wall or other products.There should be at

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