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Detailed Controls; Selecting Modes; Playing Music Or Voice Files - Yamakawa MR-240 User Manual

Yamakawa portable mp3 player user manual mr-240
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Detailed Operating Controls

Selecting Modes

The MP3 player has three operation modes: MUSIC, FM and VOICE
Hold the
control for the selection of "MUSIC", " FM"or "VOICE"
mode. Select the mode required by using the
enter by pressing

Playing Music or Voice Files

Navigate the MP3 player into music or voice file. Press
playback. While the MP3 player is playing, press
The default status of the track is " "
2. Selecting Tracks
2.1 When the MP3 player is stopped/paused, use either the
or the
2.2 While the MP3 player is playing, use the
to the next track and the
3. Fast Forward/Fast Reverse
Press the
or the
forwarding or reversing.
control to browse through the tracks.
control to play the previous one.
control for more than one second to start fast
or the
control and
to start
to pause.
control to skip



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