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Troubleshooting - Yamaha RX-496RDS Owner's Manual

Natural sound stereo receiver
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If the unit fails to operate normally, check the following points to determine whether the fault can be corrected by the simple
measures suggested. If it cannot be corrected, or if the fault is not listed in the SYMPTOM column, disconnect the power cord and
contact your authorized YAMAHA dealer or service center for help.
The unit fails to turn on when the
STANDBY/ON switch is pressed, or turns
into the standby mode suddenly soon
after the power is turned on.
It happens that this unit does not work
No sound.
The sound suddenly goes off.
Only one side speaker outputs the sound.
There is a lack of bass, and no ambience.
Sound "hums".
Sound level is low.
The volume level is low while playing a
The volume level cannot be increased, or
sound is distorted.
FM stereo reception is noisy.
There is distortion and clear reception
cannot be obtained even with a good FM
A desired station cannot be tuned in with
the automatic tuning method.
Previously preset stations can no longer
be tuned in.
A desired station cannot be tuned in with
the automatic tuning method.
There are continuous crackling and
hissing noises.
There are buzzing and whining noises
(especially in the evening).
The remote control transmitter does not
The sound is degraded when listening
with the headphones connected to the
compact disc player or cassette deck that
is connected with this unit.


Power cord is not plugged in or is not
completely inserted.
The IMPEDANCE SELECTOR switch on the
rear panel is not set to either end.
There is an influence of strong external noise
(lightning, excessive static electricity, etc.) or
a misoperation on this unit while using this
Incorrect output cord connections.
Appropriate input source is not selected.
The SPEAKERS switches are not set
Speaker connections are not secure.
The protection circuit has been activated
because of short circuit etc.
The SLEEP timer has functioned.
Incorrect setting of the BALANCE control.
Incorrect cord connections.
The + and – wires are connected in reverse
to this unit or speakers.
Incorrect cord connections.
No connection from the turntable to the GND
The LOUDNESS control is functioning.
The record is being played on a turntable with
an MC cartridge.
The component connected to the REC
terminals of this unit is turned off.
Because of the characteristics of FM stereo
broadcasts, this is limited to cases where the
transmitter is too far away or the antenna
input is poor.
There is multipath interference.
The station is too weak.
This unit has been unplugged for a long
Weak signal or loose antenna connections.
Noises result from ligtning, fluorescent lamps,
motors, thermostats and other electrical
A television set is being used nearby.
Direct sunlight or lighting (of an inverter type
of fluorescent lamp etc.) is striking the
remote control sensor of the main unit.
The batteries of this remote control
transmitter are too weak.
This unit is in the standby mode.
Firmly plug in the power cord.
Set the switch to either end when this unit is
in the standby mode.
Turn this unit into the standby mode and
disconnect the AC power cord from the AC
outlet. After about 30 seconds pass, connect
the power and operate this unit again.
Connect the cords properly. If the problem
persists, the cords may be defective.
Select an appropriate input source with the
input selector buttons.
Set the SPEAKERS switch which
corresponds to the speakers to be used to
the ON position.
Secure the connections.
Turn this unit into the standby mode, and
then turn on to reset the protection circuit.
Cancel the SLEEP timer function.
Adjust it to the appropriate position.
Connect the cords properly. If the problem
persists, the cords may be defective.
Connect the speaker wires in the correct
phase (+ and –).
Firmly connect the audio plugs. If the
problem persists, the cords may be defective.
Make the GND connection between the
turntable and this unit.
Set the LOUDNESS control to the FLAT
The player should be connected to the unit
through the MC head amplifier.
Turn the power to the component on.
Check the antenna connections.
Try using a high quality directional FM
Set the TUNING MODE button to the manual
tuning mode.
Adjust antenna placement to eliminate
multipath interference.
Use the manual tuning method.
Use a high quality directional FM antenna.
Repeat the presetting procedure.
Tighten the AM loop antenna connections
and rotate it for best reception.
Use the manual tuning method.
Use an outdoor antenna and a ground wire.
This will help somewhat but it is difficult to
eliminate all the noises.
Relocate this unit away from the TV.
Change the position of the main unit.
Replace the batteries with new ones.
Turn the power to this unit on.

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Table of Contents

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