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Installation - Frigidaire EFMIS155 User Manual


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Follow the Instructions Below
Prior to Using the Beverage Center !
Do not plug the beverage center into a power
outlet until it has been resting in its upright
position for at least six (6) hours.
If the beverage center has been laid on its side, placed upside
down or tilted more than 45° during moving or transport, it is
extremely important to allow the refrigerant and compressor
oil to separate and settle so the compressor operates properly.
Failure to do so will cause severe mechanical problems with the
unit's motor/compressor, and will void the warranty.
Use two or more people to move the beverage center.
Do NOT use stainless steel handle to move or lift the unit.
In order for the beverage center to function ef
ventilated space to allow for heat dissipation. It is important to allow at least 2 inches (50 mm) of
space on each side and above the unit, and 4 inches (100 mm) of space behind the unit.
The door requires approximately 22 inches (558 mm) of space in front of the beverage
center to open. To fully utilize the unit, space should be allowed for the door to open fully to 160º.
The beverage center must be placed on a
leveling legs to assure quiet operation and prevent rattling when the compressor activates.
- Never place the unit on soft materials such as foam, plastic or thick textured carpeting.
- Makesurethe unit anddoor arealigned. Use the adjustable legs(frontonly)to align the unit and/or
the screws under the triangular bracket cover to align the door. See page 6 for more detailed
instructions on accessing the metal bracket.


y, it MUST be placed in an adequately
stable surface. Adjust the unit's front

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