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Troubleshooting - Frigidaire EFMIS155 User Manual


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The beverage center doesn't work.
The beverage center is too cold.
The beverage center is not cooling
The beverage center compressor runs
for long periods.
The beverage center door does not
close properly.
Side panel of beverage center
is hot.
Condensation forms on the glass door
Sound of trickling water.
Buzzing sound.


• Check for power failure.
• Verify unit is plugged into a standard power outlet and not a
GFCI outlet (see page 4).
• Check if control panel is on.
• Adjust thermostat to higher number.
• Adjust thermostat to lower number.
• Ensure door is closed properly.
• Ensure the door gasket provides a proper seal. If you can slide
a piece of paper between the gasket and unit body, the gasket
is not sealing properly.
• Unit may not have enough ventilation space around it.
• Check if the sides of the unit are warm. If not, please contact
Customer Service Department.
• Do not put hot beverages in the beverage center.
• Hot weather and/or frequent door opening will force the unit to
work harder to keep cool.
• Do not overload the beverage center.
• Do not put hot beverages in the beverage center.
• Unit may be tilted – adjust front legs to level unit.
• Align the door using a 5/16" (8 mm) socket, adjusting the
screws under the triangular bracket cover. For assistance,
please contact Customer Service Department.
• The unit exchange heats through the side walls, therefore does
not indicate malfunction.
• Usually happens when door is opened and closed frequently,
or when operated in high temperature weather. Results from
dissipation of heat from within the unit. Do not touch the panel.
Does not indicate a malfunction.
• Condensation forms under conditions of high humidity; does
not indicate a failure. Wipe condensation with dry towel.
• Relocate unit to a cooler area or adjust thermostat to a higher
setting to balance out the exterior and interior temperatures.
Condensation will dissipate as time goes on.
• This is the refrigerant flowing. Does not indicate a malfunction.
• A buzzing noise is typically generated by the compressor when
starting up or shutting down.
• Unit may require cleaning.
Recommended Adjustment

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