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Yamaha DSP-AX620 Owner's Manual: Glossary

Natural sound av amplifier.
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I Dolby Surround
Dolby Surround uses a four analog channel recording
system to reproduce realistic and dynamic sound effects:
two left and right main channels (stereo), a center channel
for dialog (monaural), and a rear channel for special
sound effects (monaural). The rear channel reproduces
sound within a narrow frequency range.
Dolby Surround is widely used with nearly all video tapes
and laser discs, and in many TV and cable broadcasts as
well. The Dolby Pro Logic decoder built into this unit
employs a digital signal processing system that
automatically stabilizes the volume on each channel to
enhance moving sound effects and directionality.
I Dolby Digital
Dolby Digital is a digital surround sound system that
gives you completely independent multi-channel audio.
With three front channels (left, center and right), and two
rear stereo channels, Dolby Digital provides five full-
range audio channels. With an additional channel
especially for bass effects, called LFE (low frequency
effect), the system has a total of 5.1 channels (LFE is
counted as 0.1 channel).
Using two-channel stereo for the rear speakers, more
accurate moving sound effects and surround sound
environment are possible than with Dolby Surround. The
wide dynamic range (from maximum to minimum
volume) reproduced by the five full-range channels and
the precise sound orientation generated using digital
sound processing provide listeners with previously
unheard of excitement and realism.
With this unit, any sound environment from monaural up
to a 5.1-channel configuration can be freely selected for
your enjoyment.
I DTS (Digital Theater Systems)
Digital Surround
DTS digital surround was developed to replace the analog
soundtracks of movies with a six-channel digital sound
track, and is now rapidly gaining popularity in movie
theaters around the world. Digital Theater Systems Inc.
has developed a home theater system so that you can
enjoy the depth of sound and natural spatial
representation of DTS digital surround in your home.
This system is practically distortion-free, clear 6-channel
sound (technically, a left, right and center channels, two
rear channels, plus an LFE 0.1 channel as a subwoofer,
for a total of 5.1 channels).


I LFE 0.1 channel
This channel is for the reproduction of low bass signals.
The frequency range for this channel is 20 Hz to 120 Hz.
This channel is counted as 0.1 because it only enforces a
low frequency range compared to the full-range
reproduced by the other 5 channels in a Dolby Digital or
DTS 5.1 channel systems.
Since the Dolby Surround and DTS systems were
originally designed for use in movie theaters, their effect
is best felt in a theater having many speakers and
designed for acoustic effects. Since home conditions,
such as room size, wall material, number of speakers, and
so on, can differ so widely, it's inevitable that there are
differences in the sound heard as well. Based on a wealth
of actually measured data, YAMAHA CINEMA DSP uses
YAMAHA original sound field technology to combine
Dolby Pro Logic, Dolby Digital and DTS systems to
provide the visual and audio experience of movie theater
in the listening room of your own home.
YAMAHA has developed a natural, realistic sound effect
DSP algorithm for headphones.
Parameters for headphones have been set for each sound
field so that accurate representations of all the sound field
programs can be enjoyed on headphones.
YAMAHA has developed a virtual CINEMA DSP
algorithm that allows you to enjoy DSP sound field
surround effects even without any rear speakers by using
virtual rear speakers.
It is even possible to enjoy virtual CINEMA DSP in a
minimum two-speaker system that does not include a
center speaker.


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