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Troubleshooting - Yamaha AX-1090 Owner's Manual

Natural sound stereo integrated amplifier
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If the unit fails to operate normally, check the following points to determine whether the fault can be corrected by the simple
measures suggested. If it cannot be corrected, or if the fault is not listed in the SYMPTOM column, disconnect the power cord and
contact your authorized YAMAHA dealer or service center for help.
The unit fails to turn on when the POWER
switch is pressed.
No sound.
The sound suddenly goes off.
Only one side speaker outputs the sound.
There is a lack of bass, and no ambience.
Sound "hums".
Sound level is low or sound is distorted
while playing a record on the turntable.
switch and MODE switch does not affect
the tone.
The volume level cannot be increased, or
sound is distorted.
The sound is degraded when listening
with the headphones connected to the
compact disc player or cassette deck that
are connected with this unit.
The remote control transmitter does not
The distance or range within which the
remote control transmitter can be used
Power cord is not plugged in or is not
completely inserted.
Incorrect output cord connections.
Appropriate input source is not selected.
The SPEAKERS switches are not set
Speaker connections are not secure.
The protection circuit has functioned because
of short circuit etc.
Incorrect setting of the BALANCE control.
Incorrect cord connections.
The + and – wires are connected in reverse
at the amplifier or speakers.
Incorrect cord connections.
No connection from the turntable to the GND
The LOUDNESS control is functioning.
The PHONO (MM/MC) switch is set to the
improper position.
The MUTING key is ON.
The PURE DIRECT switch is ON.
The power to the component connected to
the REC OUT terminals of this unit is off.
The power to this unit is off.
Direct sunlight or lighting (of an inverter type
of flourescent lamp etc.) is striking the
remote control sensor of the main unit.
The batteries of this remote control
transmitter are too weak.
Firmly plug in the power cord.
Connect the cords properly. If the problem
persists, the cords may be defective.
Select an appropriate input source with the
INPUT selector.
Set the SPEAKERS switch which
corresponds to the speakers to be used to
the ON position.
Secure the connections.
Turning the unit off and then on will reset the
protection circuit.
Adjust it to the appropriate position.
Connect the cords properly. If the problem
persists, the cords may be defective.
Connect the speaker wires in the correct
phase (+ and –).
Firmly connect the audio plugs. If the
problem persists, the cords may be
Make the GND connection between the
turntable and this unit.
Set the LOUDNESS control to the FLAT
Set the PHONO (MM/MC) switch to the
proper position.
First, turn the volume control to the full left.
Then, turn the MUTING key OFF with the
remote control transmitter and adjust the
The PURE DIRECT switch must be switched
OFF to use those controls.
Turn the power to the component on.
Turn the power to this unit on.
Change position of the main unit.
Replace the batteries with new ones.

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