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Specifications; Intended Use - Makita DLS600 Instruction Manual

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Table of Contents
ENGLISH (Original instructions)


Blade diameter
Hole (arbor) diameter
Max. miter angle
Max. bevel angle
No load speed
Laser type
Dimensions (L x W x H)
Rated voltage
Standard battery cartridge
Net weight
Max. Cutting capacities (H x W) with blade 165 mm
45° (left and right)
Due to our continuing program of research and development, the specifications herein are subject to change without notice.
Specifications and battery cartridge may differ from country to country.
The weight may differ depending on the attachment(s), including the battery cartridge. The lightest and heavi-
est combinations, according to EPTA-Procedure 01/2014, are shown in the table.
The followings show the symbols used for the equipment.
Be sure that you understand their meaning before use.
Read instruction manual.
To avoid injury from flying debris, keep
holding the saw head down, after making
cuts, until the blade has come to a com-
plete stop.
Do not place hand or fingers close to the
Never look into the laser beam. Direct laser
beam may injure your eyes.
Only for EU countries
Do not dispose of electric equipment or
battery pack together with household waste
In observance of the European Directives,
on Waste Electric and Electronic
Equipment and Batteries and Accumulators
and Waste Batteries and Accumulators
and their implementation in accordance
with national laws, electric equipment and
batteries and battery pack(s) that have
reached the end of their life must be col-
lected separately and returned to an envi-
ronmentally compatible recycling facility.
Miter angle
Left 45° (46° when using release lever),
Right 45° (46° when using release lever)
Red Laser 650 nm, Maximum output
340 mm x 400 mm x 440 mm
BL1815N / BL1820 / BL1820B / BL1830 / BL1830B / BL1840 /
BL1840B / BL1850 / BL1850B / BL1860B
DC18RC / DC18RD / DC18SD / DC18SE / DC18SF
45° (left)
30 mm x 92 mm
30 mm x 65 mm

Intended use

The tool is intended for accurate straight and miter
cutting in wood. With appropriate saw blades, aluminum
can also be sawed.
Do not use the saw to cut other than wood, aluminum or
similar materials.
The typical A-weighted noise level determined accord-
ing to EN62841:
Sound pressure level (L
Sound power level (L
Uncertainty (K) : 3 dB(A)
NOTE: The declared noise emission value(s) has
been measured in accordance with a standard test
method and may be used for comparing one tool with
NOTE: The declared noise emission value(s)
may also be used in a preliminary assessment of
165 mm
20 mm
Left 52°, Right 52°
5,000 min
1.6mW ( Laser Class 2M )
D.C. 18 V
6.3 - 6.6 kg
Bevel angle
45° (right)
46 mm x 92 mm
15 mm x 92 mm
46 mm x 65 mm
15 mm x 65 mm
) : 90 dB(A)
) : 97 dB (A)


Table of Contents

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