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Welcome To Md4; Md4 Features; Mixer; Recorder - Yamaha MD4 Owner's Manual

Yamaha multitrack md recorder owner's manual
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Welcome to MD4

Thank you for choosing the Yamaha MD4 Multitrack MD Recorder. MD4 is the world's first
multitrack recorder to use the MiniDisc format, with its superior sound quality and quick search
capabilities. To take best advantage of your MD4, read this Owner's Manual thoroughly.

MD4 Features


The mixer section is a four-input channel, four-group analog mixer.
Input channels feature continuously variable GAIN controls, which can handle both micro-
phone and line-level signals with ease.
Musical three-band EQ (High, Mid, Low) on each input channel provides flexible
tone-shaping capabilities.
Aux send with stereo return for an external effects processor.
Flexible monitoring of Group, CUE, and Stereo buses.
Direct outputs for direct connection to another mixer.
Stereo sub inputs for mixer cascading.


The recorder section is a four-track recorder based on the MD DATA audio format, which has
several advantages over tape-based multitrackers. With a tape-based recorder, for example, you
have to keep at least one track free for ping-pong. With MD4, however, you can record on all
four tracks and then ping-pong (i.e., four-track playback with ping-pong). This is because
MD4 can simultaneously play and record on the same track. This feature provides greater cre-
ative freedom when planing tracks.
Superior sound quality that is unaffected by repeated overdubs and ping-pong operations.
Zero wow and flutter and pitch fluctuation.
Recording time: 37 minutes for 4-track, 74 minutes for stereo, and 148 minutes for mono.
Four-track playback with ping-pong.
Quick search for Song Start, Song End, Last Record IN/OUT points, Direct Time Locate,
and up to eight markers for each song.
Precise punch in/out with 11-millisecond accuracy.
Editing includes Song Combine, Song Divide, and cue list-style playback.
Disc and song titling for easy identification.
Repeat modes include One Song, All Song, A–B, and Auto Punch Rehearse.
FF CUE and Review at 2X and 4X playback speed.
Variable pitch of approximately 6.5%.
Clear FLD (Fluorescent Display) shows signal levels, mode, status, and Total, Remaining,
and Elapsed times.
MTC (MIDI Timecode) or MIDI Clock (with Tempo Map) output for synchronization
within a MIDI-based system.
For some more quick answers on MD4, see the Q&A Section on page 64.
Welcome to MD4
MD4—Owner's Manual



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