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Md4 & Midi; Using Md4 In A Synchronized Midi System; About Tempo Maps - Yamaha MD4 Owner's Manual

Yamaha multitrack md recorder owner's manual
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MIDI sequencers and MIDI controlled musical instruments have become essential tools for
modern recording. It's common these days not to record MIDI instruments to tape until the
final mixdown. This has the benefit of freeing up tracks for acoustic sounds and reduces the need
for recorders with many tracks. MD4 is ideal for recording vocal, guitar, and other acoustic
sounds and can easily be integrated into a MIDI system using either MTC (MIDI Timecode)
or MIDI Clock.
MTC and MIDI Clock are MIDI messages used to synchronize MIDI devices. MD4 only trans-
mits these messages, it does not receive them. So MD4 must be used as the master device in a
synchronized MIDI system. This means that the MIDI sequencer responds to MTC or MIDI
Clock information coming from the MD4. MD4 does not receive MTC or MIDI Clock from
the sequencer.

Using MD4 in a Synchronized MIDI System

The MD4 MIDI OUT jack should be connected to the MTC input of your MIDI sequencer if
you are using MTC, or a normal MIDI IN if you are using MIDI Clock. MD4 transmits MTC
or MIDI Clock during play, record, and rehearsal. When the MIDI sequencer receives MTC or
MIDI Clock from MD4, it locates to the same time position as MD4 and plays along in syn-
Each MD4 song starts at 00:00.00. So you should start the MIDI sequencer song at 00:00:00:00.
Your MIDI sequencer may allow you to specify a timecode offset. This allows you to start the
MIDI sequencer song at a different time.

About Tempo Maps

For use with MIDI Clock, a Tempo Map allows you to specify song tempo and meter (time sig-
nature). Each Tempo Map allows up to 26 tempo and 26 meter changes. Tempo and meter
changes are organized in steps from A to Z. You can insert and delete steps as you like and they
are automatically sorted. If your song does not contain any tempo or meter changes, the Tempo
Map contains only a tempo and meter setting on the first beat of the first measure, which is
step A.
One Tempo Map can be saved with each song. When you select a different song, you must load
its Tempo Map. The Tempo Map is not stored when MD4 is turned off. You must load a Tempo
Map each time MD4 is turned on.
A Tempo Map Chart is provided on page 56 to help you organize your Tempo Maps. Please feel
free to photocopy it.
MD4—Owner's Manual



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