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Introduction; Features - Yamaha MC 24/12 Owner's Manual

Yamaha musical insrturment owners manual mc 32/12, mc 24/12
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Thank you for choosing the Yamaha MC32/12 or MC24/12 mixing console. Please read
this manual thoroughly to take best advantage of the console and extend its useful life.
This manual has been written on the assumption that you already understand the basic
operation and technical terminology of mixing consoles.
Descriptions of MC24/12 specifications appear in brackets ({}) if they differ from the


• The MC32/12 provides 28 monaural and 2 stereo
input modules {the MC24/12 provides 20 mon-
aural and 2 stereo input modules}. The output
channels comprise stereo outputs, 10 mix out-
puts, and two matrix outputs, and support a wide
range of applications, from SR (sound reinforce-
ment) to facility acoustics.
• Each monaural input channel offers a 26 dB pad,
HPF, phase switch, 4-band EQ (HI-MID and LO-
MID frequencies are variable), and a 100 mm-
long full-stroke fader. Also, phantom power can
be turned on and off for every group of four
• Four stereo AUX returns and TAPE IN jacks are
provided as standard.
• The master section of the console is located in the
center area of the unit, facilitating operation.
• The master section provides output channels for
MIX buses 1–10, with EQs and 100 mm-long
• Each input channel and four stereo AUX returns
include a PFL switch, and stereo bus, MIX buses
1–10, and Matrix 1–2 has an AFL switch,
enabling you to monitor the input/output
sources quickly.
• Using the GA Diversity function enables you to
set MIX buses 1–4 to Variable mode or Fix mode
individually. In Variable mode, you can change
the level of the signals sent out from the input
channels. This routing can be used as a conven-
tional AUX bus. In Fix mode, the level of the sig-
nals sent out from the input channels is fixed.
This routing can be used as a conventional group
bus. In this way, you can configure the bus for a
specific purpose.
• The console has two independent matrixes. You
can mix MIX buses 1–4 and the stereo bus indi-
vidually at the levels you desire and output them
from the MATRIX OUT 1–2 jacks. This routing
can be used as a mix for the foldback or for indi-
vidual speakers and amplifiers.
• The INSERT I/O jacks are provided for all mon-
aural input channels, the stereo bus, and MIX
buses 1–4. You can insert an external effect pro-
cessor, if necessary.
• Talkback signals can be sent to any of MIX buses
1–4, MIX buses 5–10, and the stereo bus.
• C-R monitor output enables you to select PFL/
AFL or TAPE IN as a monitoring source.
• The console's sturdy finish and rugged design
assure its durability even under severe conditions
and rough on-site usage.
MC32/12, MC24/12—Owner's Manual

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