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Yamaha PORTATONE PSR-1000 Owner's Manual: Handling The Floppy Disk Drive (fdd) And Floppy Disk

Yamaha electronic keyboard user manual.
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Handling the Floppy Disk Drive (FDD) and
Floppy Disk
Be sure to handle floppy disks and treat the disk drive with care. Follow the important precautions below.
Compatible Disk Type
• 3.5" 2DD and 2HD type floppy disks can be used.
Inserting/Ejecting Floppy Disks
To insert a floppy disk into the disk drive:
• Hold the disk so that the label of the disk is facing
upward and the sliding shutter is facing forward,
towards the disk slot. Carefully insert the disk into the
slot, slowly pushing it all the way in until it clicks into
place and the eject button pops out.
Drive lamp
When the power is turned on, the drive lamp (at
the bottom left of the drive) lights to indicate the
drive can be used.
To eject a floppy disk:
Before ejecting the disk, be sure to confirm that data
is not being written to the floppy disk.
If data is currently being written to the floppy disk in
the following operations, the messages "Now
executing," "Now copying," and "Now formatting"
appears in the display.
• Moving, copying, pasting, saving, or deleting data
(page 42 - 44).
• Naming files and folders (page 41); creating a new
folder (page 44).
• Copying a disk to an another disk (page 150);
formatting the disk (page 150).
Eject button
• Never attempt to remove the disk or turn the power off
when the data is being written to the floppy disk.
Doing so can damage the disk and possibly the disk
drive. Press the eject button slowly as far as it will go;
the disk will automatically pop out. When the disk is
fully ejected, carefully remove it by hand.
• If the eject button is pressed too quickly, or if it is not
pressed in as far as it will go, the disk may not eject
properly. The eject button may become stuck in a half-
pressed position with the disk extending from the
drive slot by only a few millimeters. If this happens, do
not attempt to pull out the partially ejected disk, since
using force in this situation can damage the disk drive
mechanism or the floppy disk. To remove a partially
ejected disk, try pressing the eject button once again,
or push the disk back into the slot and then repeat the
eject procedure.
• Be sure to remove the floppy disk from the disk drive
before turning off the power. A floppy disk left in the
drive for extended periods can easily pick up dust and
dirt that can cause data read and write errors.
Cleaning the Disk Drive Read/Write Head
• Clean the read/write head regularly. This instrument
employs a precision magnetic read/write head which,
after an extended period of use, will pick up a layer of
magnetic particles from the disks used that will
eventually cause read and write errors.
• To maintain the disk drive in optimum working order
Yamaha recommends that you use a commercially-
available dry-type head cleaning disk to clean the
head about once a month. Ask your Yamaha dealer
about the availability of proper head-cleaning disks.
• Never insert anything but floppy disks into the disk
drive. Other objects may cause damage to the disk
drive or floppy disks.


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