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Yamaha PORTATONE PSR-1000 Owner's Manual: Saving Data

Yamaha electronic keyboard user manual.
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Before connecting the instrument to other electronic compo-
nents, turn off the power for all components. Before turning the
power on or off for all components, set all volume levels to mini-
mum. Also, be sure to set the volumes of all components at their
minimum levels and gradually raise the volume controls while
playing the instrument to set the desired listening level.
When cleaning the instrument, use a soft, dry cloth. Do not use
paint thinners, solvents, cleaning fluids, or chemical-impregnated
wiping cloths.
Handling caution
Do not insert a finger or hand in any gaps on the instrument.
Never insert or drop paper, metallic, or other objects into the
gaps on the panel or keyboard. If this happens, turn off the
power immediately and unplug the power cord from the AC out-
let. Then have the instrument inspected by qualified Yamaha ser-
vice personnel.
Do not place vinyl, plastic or rubber objects on the instrument,
since this might discolor the panel or keyboard.
Do not rest your weight on, or place heavy objects on the instru-
ment, and do not use excessive force on the buttons, switches or
Do not operate the instrument for a long period of time at a high
or uncomfortable volume level, since this can cause permanent
hearing loss. If you experience any hearing loss or ringing in the
ears, consult a physician.
Yamaha cannot be held responsible for damage caused by improper use or modifications to the instrument, or data that is lost or destroyed.
Always turn the power off when the instrument is not in use.
Even when the power switch is in the "STANDBY" position, electricity is still flowing to the instrument at the minimum level. When you are not
using the instrument for a long time, make sure you unplug the AC power adaptor from the wall AC outlet.

Saving data

Saving and backing up your data
Current memory data (see page 39) is lost when you turn off the
power to the instrument. Save the data to a floppy disk/the User
Drive (see page 39).
Saved data may be lost due to malfunction or incorrect opera-
tion. Save important data to a floppy disk.
When you change settings in a display page and then exit
from that page, System Setup data (listed in the Parameter
Chart of the separate Data List booklet) is automatically
stored. However, this edited data is lost if you turn off the
power without properly exiting from the relevant display.
Backing up the floppy disk
To protect against data loss through media damage, we recom-
mend that you save your important data onto two floppy disks.


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