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Yamaha PORTATONE PSR-1000 Owner's Manual: Editing A Recorded Song; Editing Channel-related Parameters - Channel

Yamaha electronic keyboard user manual.
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Recording Your Performances and Creating Songs — Song Creator

Editing a Recorded Song

Whether you've recorded a song using Quick Recording, Multi Recording, or Step Recording, you can use the editing
features to change the song data.
Editing Channel-related Parameters — Channel
Calling up the operations here apply to step 4 on page 96. To call up the display shown below, use the [BACK]/[NEXT]
Quantize lets you "clean up" or tighten the timing of a previously recorded channel. For example, the following
musical passage has been written with exact quarter-note and eighth-note values.
Even though you think you may have recorded the passage accurately, your actual performance may be slightly ahead
of or behind the beat. Quantize allows you to align all the notes in a channel so that the timing is absolutely accurate to
the specified note value (see below).
Use this to select the
desired edit operation.
Executes the Quantize
operation. After the
operation is completed, this
button changes to [UNDO],
letting you restore the
original data if you're not
satisfied with the Quantize
results. The Undo function
only has one level; only the
previous operation can be
Selects the desired channel
to be quantized.
I About Quantize Size
Set the Quantize size to correspond to the smallest notes in the channel you are working with. For example, if the
data was recorded with both quarter notes and eighth notes, use 1/8 note for the Quantize size. If you apply a 1/4
note Quantize size, the eighth notes would be moved on top of the quarter notes.
One measure of eighth notes before quantization
Quantize Size
1/4 note
1/4 note triplet
The three Quantize settings marked with asterisks (*) are exceptionally convenient, since they allow you to quantize two different
note values at the same time, without compromising the quantization of either one. For example, if you have both straight 1/8 notes
and 1/8 note triplets recorded to the same channel, and you quantize to straight 1/8 notes, all notes in the channel are quantized to
straight 1/8 notes — completely eliminating any triplet feel in the rhythm. However, if you use the 1/8 note + 1/8 note triplet setting,
both the straight and triplet notes will be quantized correctly.
1/8 note
1/16 note
1/8 note triplet
1/16 note triplet
Selects the quantize size (resolution).
See the below for the details.
After 1/8 note quantization
1/32 note
1/8 note +
1/8 note triplet *
Calls up the SONG display,
from which you can save
the edited data.
Determines how strongly the
notes will be quantized. If a
value less than 100% is
selected, notes will be
moved toward the specified
quantization beats only by
the specified amount.
Applying less than 100%
quantization lets you
preserve some of the
"human" feel in the
1/16 note +
1/8 note triplet *
1/16 note +
1/16 note triplet *


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