Arranging Food In The Appliance; Refrigerator Compartment; Freezer Compartment - Whirlpool W84TE 72 M Instructions For Use Manual

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It will be enough to set the thermostat between "2-4", for fridge to work in normal working conditions.

Refrigerator compartment

• To reduce humidity and consequent increase of frost never place liquids in unsealed containers in
the refrigerator.
• Never place warm food in the refrigerator. Warm food should be allowed to cool at room
temperature and arranged to ensure adequate air circulation in the refrigerator compartment.
• Arrange meat and cleaned fish (wrapped in packages or sheets of plastic) and use them within 1-2
• You can put the fruits and vegetables into the crisper without any
Important note:
• Cover any cooked dishes when you put them in the fridge. Place them
in the fridge when they are cool, otherwise temperature/humidity inside
the fridge increases which causes the fridge to work harder. Covering
food and beverages also preserves their flavour and aroma.
• Potatoes, onion and garlic should not be kept in the fridge.
• Make sure food does not touch the temperature sensor which is located
in the refrigerator compartment. To keep an optimum temperature in the
refrigerator compartment, make sure food doesn't make contact with
the sensor.

Freezer compartment

• The freezer compartment is used for freezing fresh food, for storing frozen foods for the period of
time indicated on packaging and for making ice cubes.
• Do not put fresh and warm foods in the freezer door shelves to be frozen. Only use the door
shelves for storing frozen foods.
• Do not put fresh and warm food next to frozen food as it can thaw the frozen food.
• Use the fast freezing shelf to freeze home cooking (and any other food which needs to be frozen
quickly) more quickly because of the freezing shelf's greater freezing power.
• While freezing fresh foods (i.e. meat, fish and mincemeat) divide them in portions you will use in a
single serving. While freezing fresh foods, the maximum amount of fresh food (in kg) that can be
frozen in 24 hours is indicated on the appliance label.
• For optimum appliance performance to reach maximum freezing capacity, turn the thermostat knob
to the coldest setting 24 hours before placing fresh food into the freezer.
• After placing fresh food into the freezer, having the thermostat knob set to the coldest setting for 24
hours is generally sufficient. After 24 hours, you can reduce the thermostat knob setting if required.
• Attention. To save energy, if you are only freezing small amounts of food, you do not need to set
the thermostat knob to the coldest setting.
• For storing frozen foods, the instructions shown on frozen food packages should always be
followed carefully. If no information is provided, food should not be stored for more than 3 months
from the purchased date.
• When buying frozen food ensure that these have been frozen at suitable temperatures and that the
packing is intact.
• Frozen food should be transported in appropriate containers to maintain the quality of the food and
should be returned to the freezing surfaces of the unit in the shortest possible time.
• If a package of frozen food shows the sign of humidity and abnormal swelling it is probable that it
has been previously stored at an unsuitable temperature and that the contents have deteriorated.
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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents