Use; Information About Use; Attaching The Carrying Strap; Cooling/Warming Process - AEG BK 6 Instructions For Use Manual

Board bar
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Table of Contents
1. Compass
2. Beverage holder
3. Carrying strap
4. Board bar
5. green LED - cooling
6. OFF - device off
7. red LED - heating
8. Switch
9. 12 V connection socket
10. red LED - mains control
11. 12 V board bar plug
12. 12 V car power plug


Information about use

You may have to turn the ignition to
activate the vehicle's 12 V car outlet.
Please refer to the owner's manual
for your vehicle. Contact a specialised
shop if you are unsure.
Do not cover the device during use
and ensure proper ventilation.
Promptly wipe up any condensa-
tion. After extended cooling periods
moisture will condense into water
drops inside the coolbag. This does
not mean the device is defective.
Wait approx. 5-10 min when switch-
ing between cooling and heating to
allow the heating/cooling electronics
to reach the correct temperature.
Do not use ice packs or ice bags in
the board bar. Melt water can dam-
age the board bar.

Attaching the carrying strap

Attach the included carrying strap in
the order Fig. 1 to 5.

Cooling/warming process

1. For reasons of hygiene, clean the
inside of the board bar with a damp
cloth before every use.
2. Fill the board bar with the items you
wish to cool/warm.
3. Set the switch (8) to the "OFF"
4. Plug the 12 V plug (11) into the 12 V
connection socket (9) on the device.
5. Connecting the power supply:
Plug the car power plug (12) into a
12 V car power socket. The red LED
(10) will light up.
6. Switching on the board bar:
Cooling: Set the switch (8) to the
"COLD" position.
Heating: Set the switch (8) to the
"HOT" position.
7. The board bar will start cooling/
heating. The LED will light up green
(7 - cooling) or red (5 - heating).
Attention: There is no auto shut-off.
The unit will run continuously so
long as the board bar is switched on.
Remember the vehicle's battery will
be discharged when the vehicle is not
8. Set the switch (8) to the "OFF" posi-
tion to stop cooling/heating.


Table of Contents

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