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Troubleshooting - Bushranger DV-9TH Manual

Vehicle recovery winch
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If the winch fails to operate after several attempts, or if there is any fault whilst operating:
Possible Cause
Cut circuit
Weak battery
Bad connection of wirings
Winch will not
Damaged contactor
Cut circuit on switch
Damaged motor or worn carbon brush
Faulty motor wirings
Broken wirings or bad connections
Damaged or stuck contactor
Motor runs in only
Switch inoperative
one direction
Faulty wiring
Clutch does not disengage
Damaged 1st shaft
Drum will not free
Damaged brake cam and disc
Damaged output shaft
The gear train is mechanically
binding up
Damaged brake cam and disc
Brake fails to
Damaged gear box
Faulty retaining ring
Oil leakage at brake cavity
Damaged or inoperative spiral spring
Worn brake disc or loose brake spacer
Braking distance is
too long
Oil leakage at brake cavity
Too much brake disc powder in the
brake hub
Brake jam
Over pre-pressed spiral spring
Stuck between brake disc and gear box
Hit by certain exterior force
Damaged gear train
Damaged gear box
Over load operation
Long period of operation
Motor runs
Damaged motor
extremely hot
Damaged or inoperative brake


Check battery lead
Recharge or replace battery (at least 650CCA)
Reconnect tightly
Replace contactor
Replace switch
Replace motor or carbon brush
Replace wirings
Reconnect or replace wirings
Replace contactor
Replace switch
Replace wiring
Engage clutch
Replace 1
Replace brake cam and disc
Replace output shaft
Check to insure the winch is mounted on a
flat, rigid surface
Replace brake cam and disc
Replace gear box
Replace retaining ring
Clean oil leakage
Replace and position spiral spring
Replace brake disc or adjust brake spacer
according to brake adjustment procedures
Clean oil leakage
Clean brake hub
Adjust pre-pressed spiral spring
Replace with a new brake assembly
Replace the damaged components
Replace the damaged components
Stop the winch operation and reduce a load
Allow to cool
Replace or repair motor
Replace or repair brake
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