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Central Office Calls, Placing

Central Office Calls, Placing
Available - 200 trunks.
Default Setting
The system provides flexibility in the way each extension user can place outgoing trunk calls. This
lets you customize the call placing options to meet site requirements and each individual's needs.
A user can place a call by:
Pressing Line Keys or "Loop Keys"
Pressing a Trunk Group (i.e., loop) key
Pressing a Trunk Group Routing (dial 9) key
Dialing a code for a specific trunk (805 + the trunk number)
Dialing a code for a Trunk Group (804 + group number)
Dialing a code for Trunk Group Routing or ARS (9)
Dialing an Alternate Trunk Route Access Code (which you must define)
(A.) The system provides analogue trunk CO service via COIU PCBs. COIU PCBs can connect to
either loop start or ground start CO lines. Refer to the system hardware manual for additional
(B.) Analogue Trunk (COIU) PCBs do not require circuit type programming.
10-03-03 : PCB Setup, For SLIU Unit - Transmit CODEC Gain Type
10-03-04 : PCB Setup, For SLIU Unit - Receive CODEC Gain Type
Customize the transmit and receive levels of the CODEC Gain Types for single line tele-
11-01-01 : System Numbering
Set up a Service Code for Alternate Trunk Route Access.
11-09-01 : Trunk Access Code
If required, change the single-digit Trunk Access Code (normally 9). If you change this code,
you must also review the settings in 11-01 for the new code selected.
11-09-02 : Trunk Access Code - Alternate Trunk Route Access Code
Assign the Service Code set up in 11-01 for Alternate Trunk Route Access.
11-12-01 : Service Code Setup (for Service Access)
To simplify placing calls, assign function keys for placing trunk calls: Trunk Group Routing/dial 9
keys (code 804).
14-01-01 : Basic Trunk Data Setup - Trunk Name
To make identifying calls easier, assign a name to each trunk.
14-01-02 : Basic Trunk Data Setup - Transmit CODEC Gain Type
14-01-03 : Basic Trunk Data Setup - Receive CODEC Gain Type
Assign a CODEC Gain Type to each trunk. This sets the amount of gain (amplification) for
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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents