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Technical Data - Husqvarna 230iB Operator's Manual

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Speak to a person with special training in dangerous
material before you send the product. Obey all
applicable national regulations.
Use tape on open contacts when you put the battery
in a package. Put the battery in the package tightly
to prevent movement.
Remove the battery for storage or transportation.
Put the battery and the battery charger in a space
that is dry and free from moisture and frost.
Do not keep the battery in an area where static
electricity can occur. Do not keep the battery in a
metal box.
Put the battery in storage where the temperature is
between 5°C/41°F and 25°C/77°F and away from
open sunlight.
Put the battery charger in storage where the
temperature is between 5 °C/41 °F and 45°C/113°F
and away from open sunlight.
Use the battery charger only when the surrounding
temperature is between 5°C/41°F and 40°C/104°F.
Charge the battery 30% to 50% before you put it in
storage for long periods.
Put the battery charger in storage in a space that is
closed and dry.
Keep the battery away from the battery charger
during storage. Do not let children and other not

Technical data

Motor type
Weight without battery, kg / lb
Impeller fan performance (with nozzle and blower tube)
Max. air velocity, m/s / mph
Max. air volume, m³/min / cfm
Blow force, N
Noise and vibration data are determined on the basis of
the rated maximum speed.
Approved batteries for the product
approved persons to touch the equipment. Keep the
equipment in a space that you can lock.
Clean the product and do a full servicing before you
put the product in storage for a long time.
Use the transportation guard on the product to
prevent injuries or damage on the product during
transportation and storage.
Attach the product safely during transportation.
Disposal of the battery, battery charger
and product
The symbol below means that the product is not
domestic waste. Recycle it at a recycling station for
electrical and electronic equipment. This helps to
prevent damage to the environment and to persons.
Speak to local authorities, domestic waste service or
your dealer for more information.
Note: The symbol shows on the product or package of
the product.
Technical data
BLDC (brushless) 36V
2.5 / 5.5
60.8 / 136
18.4 / 650
1516 - 002 - 22.07.2020


Table of Contents

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