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Operation - Husqvarna 230iB Operator's Manual

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Table of Contents
WARNING: Read and understand the safety
chapter before you use the product.
To do a function check before you use
the product
1. Do a check of the air inlet for dirt and cracks. Use a
brush and clean off grass and leaves from the
2. Make sure that the product works correctly.
3. Do a check of all nuts and screws and make sure
that they are tight.
To connect the battery charger
1. Connect the battery charger to the voltage and
frequency that is specified on the rating plate.
2. Put the plug in a grounded socket outlet. The LED
on the battery charger flashes green one time.
Note: The battery does not charge if the battery
temperature is more than 50 °C/122 °F. If the
temperature is more than 50 °C/122 °F, the battery
charger makes the battery become cool before the
battery charges.
To charge the battery
Note: Charge the battery if it is the first time that you use
it. A new battery is only 30% charged.
1. Make sure that the battery is dry.
2. Put the battery in the battery charger.
3. Make sure that the green charging light on the
battery charger comes on. That means that the
battery is connected correctly to the battery charger.


4. When all LEDs on the battery come on, the battery is
fully charged.
5. To disconnect the battery charger from the mains
socket, pull the plug. Do not pull the cable.
6. Remove the battery from the battery charger.
Note: Refer to the battery and battery charger manuals
for more information.
To connect the battery to the product
WARNING: Only use Husqvarna original
batteries in the product.
1. Make sure that the battery is fully charged.
2. Slide the battery into the battery holder of the
product. The battery must slide easily, if not, it is not
installed correctly.
3. Press the lower part of the battery and push it in as
far as it will go into the battery compartment. The
battery will lock into position when you hear a click.
4. Make sure that the latches snap in place correctly.
1516 - 002 - 22.07.2020


Table of Contents

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