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Operating Instructions; Operating The Appliance; To Switch On; To Switch Off - Bosch TR1000 4 T Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

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Operating instructions

Operating instructions
Please read and observe the detailed safety instructions
at the start of these instructions!
Important: The appliance may never be exposed to frost!
Risk of electric shock!
Switch off the mains voltage supply immediately if a fault
occurs (TR1000 5 T, TR1000 6 T, TR1000 6 B) or disconnect
the mains plug (TR1000 4 T).
Immediately shut off the cold water supply to the appliance
should it leak.

Operating the appliance

Flow-through water heaters in this product series work

5.1.1 To switch on

Open the tap fully.
The flow-through water heater switches on and the ON
indicator (TR1000 6 B only) lights up. The water is heated as it
flows through the appliance.

5.1.2 To switch off

Close the tap, the appliance switches off.

5.1.3 To regulate the water temperature

Open the tap fully, the appliance switches on.
Now increase the temperature by reducing the water flow

5.1.4 Winter operation

It is possible in winter that the supply temperature of the water
is reduced and the required outlet temperature is no longer
In order to compensate for this temperature reduction,
please reduce the water quantity on the tap until the
required water temperature is achieved.


Simply wipe the appliance with a damp cloth.
Do not use acidic or abrasive cleaning materials.
Clean dirt and lime deposits from the filter in the jet
It is normally not necessary to descale the appliance. However,
extremely hard water and the frequent flows of very hot water
can cause the appliance to scale up. In this case please contact
our after-sales service.


In order to avoid potential sources of danger, repairs
and maintenance may only be undertaken by a suitably
qualified specialist.
The appliance must be disconnected from the power
supply and the connection to the water supply must be
shut off when any work is carried out.
If you call the after-sales service for assistance, please specify
the E no. and FD no. of your appliance.

Environmental protection/disposal

Environmental protection is a fundamental corporate strategy
of the Bosch Group.
The quality of our products, their economy and environmental
safety are all of equal importance to us and all environmental
protection legislation and regulations are strictly observed.
We use the best possible technology and materials for
protecting the environment taking account of economic
Where packaging is concerned, we participate in country-
specific recycling processes that ensure optimum recycling.
All of our packaging materials are environmentally compatible
and can be recycled.
Used appliances
Used appliances contain valuable materials that can be
The various assemblies can be easily dismantled. Synthetic
materials are marked accordingly. Assemblies can therefore be
sorted by composition and passed on for recycling or disposal.
TR1000 4 T, TR1000 5 T, TR1000 6 T, TR1000 6 B – 6 720 876 020 (2020/06)



Table of Contents

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