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General Considerations; About This User Manual About The Safety Notices - Honeywell HON 5020 User And Maintenance Manual

Gas pressure regulator with hon 630 pilot
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General considerations

About this user manual
Validity and purpose
Target group
Copyright notice
HON 5020 gas pressure regulator with HON 630 pilot
About this user manual
About the safety notices
This user manual applies to HON 5020 gas pressure regulators featuring an HON 630 pilot.
This user manual provides all individuals with the information required for the safe handling
in connection with the following tasks:
 Transport
 Installation
 Start-up
 Set-up
 Maintenance
 Decommissioning, disassembly, renewed start-up, storage and disposal
This user manual is intended for anyone working with the product:
 Transportation personnel
 Installation personnel
 Set-up and operating personnel
 Maintenance and service personnel
Honeywell offers products with identical functions in a number of different sizes. For this
reason, we are unable to guarantee that illustrations in this user manual coincide with the
dimensions of your product. In these cases, the illustrations should be viewed as a concept
Failing to observe the information provided in this document may lead to injuries, including
death and material damages.
To ensure the safety, any persons handling the product must have read and understood the
following parts of this document before they start with any work involving it:
 the chapter entitled Safety
 the chapters that describe the work to be done
Unless explicitly permitted, the disclosure as well as duplication of this document, the exploi-
tation and communication of its contents are prohibited. Any breach or infringement will
result in liability for damages. All rights reserved in the event of patent, utility model or
registered design registration.
General considerations



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