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Install The Laundry Tower; Laundry Tower Use - Whirlpool WVP8600S Use And Care Manual

Laundry tower


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3. Attach the brackets to the back of the laundry tower using the
screws (provided). Align the brackets so that the latch is
pointing up.
4. Attach the console to the laundry tower. Align the locators on
the console with the brackets and push down until the latches
snap into place and the magnets on the bottom of the console
attach to the top panel.
NOTE: Once installed, the console can be removed only by
removing the 2 console screws.

Install the Laundry Tower

Excessive Weight Hazard
Use two or more people to move and install
laundry tower.
Failure to do so can result in back or other injury.
1. Using two or more people, situate the laundry tower near its
final location. Open the drawers to remove any contents
stored inside.
2. To determine how far to extend the leveling feet, measure the
height of the washer and/or dryer you are installing the laundry
tower next to or between.
NOTE: Refer to the laundry tower dimensions in "Location
3. Place a piece of cardboard on the floor and, using two or more
people, lay the laundry tower on its side.
4. Turn all four feet out to the dimension determined in Step 2.
5. Using two or more people, return the laundry tower to the
upright position.
6. Check the laundry tower height and levelness and adjust the
feet as needed.
A. Locator
B. Latch
7. Once the laundry tower is at the appropriate height and is
level, use a
" open-end wrench to securely tighten all four
locknuts against the laundry tower.
8. Using two or more people, slide the laundry tower into its final
location and confirm height and levelness.


Your laundry tower has several uses.
The top drawer and console provide storage and organization
for small items.
The bottom drawers provide convenient storage space for
large items such as detergent bottles.
The retractable hanging rod may be used to hang several
clothing items. To open or close the hanging rod, push it in
until you hear it click.
A. Locknut


Table of Contents

Table of Contents