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Whirlpool LSR4311DQO Installation & Operating Manual

See-through washer
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1 Washer
t Installation &
i Operating Guide
! Model No.
i LSR4311 DQO
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  Summary of Contents for Whirlpool LSR4311DQO

  • Page 1 &Through 1 Washer t Installation & i Operating Guide ! Model No. i LSR4311 DQO Display Unit Only Not For Resale wWLLO56/3947954 i/l’i@...
  • Page 2 If you have any problems or questions regarding your See-Through Washer, please contact your Whirlpool Account Manager or Field Marketing Representative or call toll-free: l-800-253-1301...
  • Page 3 Washers create rollover at all agitation speeds with the new Xtra Roll ActionTM Agitator. TO ORDER SEE-THROUGH WASHER FREE DEMO MATERIALS, CALL WHIRLPOOL FULFILLMENT Have the form numbers ready for the items you need: 1 See-Through Washer Instruction Manual # WW LL053 (included in your demonstration kit)
  • Page 4: Installation Instructions

    Place the Unit into position on the sales floor, preferably on an end cap next to a Whirlpool 34peed washer. With pliers, remove the yellow plug at the base of the washer in the back.The plug must be...
  • Page 5 Installation Instructions Tilt washer forward, raising back legs 1” off of floor to adjust rear self-leveling legs. Gently lower washer to floor. Check levelness of the washer by placing a carpenter’s level on the top of the washer, first side to side; then front to back. If washer is not level, screw the front legs up or down to adjust and...
  • Page 6 Installation Instructions Verify that the drain plug is secured in the drain port as shown. Manually fill the basket (using a bucket or garden hose) with 20-23 gallons of water (A). Fill to top of gasket on basket. Set the Water Options dial to “Without Water.”...
  • Page 7 Installation Instructions Push the Timer dial in (Washer is now in OFF position) With a screwdriver, turn the Drain I Agitate Switch on the back of the washer to “Agitate” Load the 200 colored chips into the machine. (See Page 1 for how to order your free demo swatches.) Set the Demonstration...
  • Page 8 Installation Instructions Plug-in the unit using a 20 amp 3-pronged, electrically grounded extension cord not longer than 50 feet. Turn the lights on with the Light rocker switch on the back of the machine. Pull the timer on. The unit may now be operated using the Demonstration Options listed in the Demonstration Instruction section of this manual.
  • Page 9 To Drain Unit CilW ater may be siphoned into a drain or 25-gallon container on wheels. change from plug to drain hose, turn machine off and put option dial to “One Speed Continuous” (A). Turn the timer dial to HIGH speed (B).
  • Page 10 10 Poly-Cotton Swatches can be obtained by ordering through Whirlpool Fulfillment. (See page 1) Only use the poly-cotton skatches provided by Whirlpool Fulfillment in your demonstrations. These poly-cotton swatches have been tested to sustain many hours of agitator demonstrations. Other Fabrics, when left standing in water, or agitating For long periods of time, will become mildewed and weak, as well as cause the water to cloud.
  • Page 11 Care for the See-Through Washer Keep the viewing glass clean by wiping down with a soft cotton cloth. DO NOT USE PAPER TOWELS.THEY WILL SCRATCH THE SURFACE. It is important to keep the water in the dlemonstration model clean and clear for the blest visibility inside the washer.
  • Page 12 Operating Instructions You and your customers have three demonstration options to choose from All Speeds Continuous - preferred operation mode Set Demonstrations Options dial to “All Speeds Continuous” Pull Timer on All Speeds Once - demonstrate each mode once Set Demonstrations Options dial to”AIl Speeds Once” Pull Timer on (will operate until timer reaches OFF position) Push to start or restart One Speed Continuous - demonstrate one mode on/y...
  • Page 13 Unique Parts for Service Control Panel Light and Drain /Agitate Switches on back of console Lid Assembly consisting of lid, lid cutout and lid window Front Panel Assem bly consisting of front panel cutout and window...
  • Page 14 Uniq~ue Parts for Service Lighting Light Bracket holes Basket with See-Through window and gasket Gear Case...
  • Page 15 Whirlpool is Responsible for the Following: Labor and parts for repairing the unit Furnishing demonstration materials Hauling the unit after demonstration APPLIANCES...
  • Page 16 REQUEST SERVICE SERVICE REQUEST FOR WHIRLPOOL SEE-THROUGH DEALElR INFORMATION WASHER INFORMATION SERVICE Please contact the dealer listed. Please arrange to service the washer Bill Rework #R22591 for all labor and common parts. FAX: 800-670-9855 for all unique parts. ROUTIING INFORMATION...

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