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Precautions For Safe Operation - Sanyo MCO-19AIC(UV) Instruction Manual

Co2 incubator
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It is imperative that the user complies with this manual as it contains
important safety advice.
Items and procedures are described so that you can use this unit correctly and safely.
If the precautions advised are followed, this will prevent possible injury to the user and
any other person.
Precautions are illustrated in the following way:
Failure to observe WARNING signs could result in a hazard to personnel
possibly resulting in serious injury or death.
Failure to observe CAUTION signs could result in injury to personnel and
damage to the unit and associated property.
Symbol shows;
this symbol means caution.
this symbol means an action is prohibited.
this symbol means an instruction must be followed.
Be sure to keep this manual in a place accessible to users of this unit.
< Label on the unit >
This mark is labeled on the cover in which the electrical components of high voltage
are enclosed to prevent the electric shock.
The cover should be removed by a qualified engineer or a service personnel only.
As with any equipment that uses CO
of the equipment. It is important that you assess the work site to ensure there is suitable and
sufficient ventilation. If restricted ventilation is suspected, then other methods of ensuring a
safe environment must be considered.
warning devices.
gas, there is a likelihood of oxygen depletion in the vicinity
These may include atmosphere monitoring and

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Table of Contents

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