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Using The Unlock Key; Correct Operation - Sanyo MCO-19AIC(UV) Instruction Manual

Co2 incubator
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Using the Unlock Key

Unlocking when power is interrupted
If power is interrupted to the MCO-19AIC(UV)/19AIC with an MCO-HL installed, the outer door is
electrically locked. To unlock the outer door while the power is interrupted, use the unlock key that is
provided. To lock the outer door again, turn the unlock key to the lock direction while the door is open.
After the door has been locked condition manually, then close the door.
The outer door cannot be locked by using the unlock key while the door is closed. Lock the door while it is
open. Attempting to turn the unlock key while the door is closed may damage the electric lock system.
For the MCO-19AIC(UV)/19AIC with an MCO-HL installed, the outer door is electrically locked during
decontamination. The chamber is filled with H
during decontamination.


Use the following procedure to start trial operation or actual operation of the Incubator.
Install the Incubator correctly, referring to Installation on page 13.
Remove the packing materials from the chamber and inner attachments. Clean and disinfect the
chamber and inner attachments, referring to Routine Maintenance on page 36.
Add approximately 1.5 L of sterile distilled water to the humidifying pan. (Refer to page 39.)
Turn ON the power supply switch on the left side of the rear panel of the Incubator.
The humidity in the Incubator chamber is adjusted to the optimum setting. To prevent condensation on
the surface inside chamber and the inner door, there is a low-temperature area under the humidifying pan
in the bottom of chamber to recondense evaporated moisture. Condensation may occur around the
humidifying pan at the bottom of the chamber (on the inside of the humidifying pan cover), but this does
not indicate a problem.
Do not leave plastic wrapping bags within reach of children. If a bag is placed over a child's head, it
can block the mouth and nose and cause suffocation.
gas during decontamination. Do not unlock the door

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Table of Contents

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