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Installation - Sanyo MCO-19AIC(UV) Instruction Manual

Co2 incubator
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1. Remove the packing tape and clean up.
Remove all the tape that is securing the doors and inner attachments. Open the doors for ventilation. If
the outer panels are dirty, dampen a cloth with a diluted neutral detergent and wipe them. (Using an
undiluted solution may damage the plastic. Follow the diluting instructions for the detergent that is used.)
Wipe off the residual detergent with a wet cloth and then wipe off any moisture.
2. Adjust the leveling feet.
Adjust the leveling feet by turning them counterclockwise to
level the
Incubator. (See the illustration on the right.)
3. Ground the Incubator.
Ground the Incubator during installation to prevent electric
shock in case the insulation is not sufficient. If there is no
ground wire at the location, consult with qualified service
When a ground must be installed
If a grounded 3-pole outlet is not available, then a ground must be installed. Consult with qualified service
To prevent electric shock, always ground the Incubator. If grounding is not possible, then have a ground
installed by qualified personnel. If the Incubator is not grounded, it may result in electric shock.
Never connect the ground wire to a gas pipe, water pipe, lightning rod, or telephone ground wire.
Doing so may cause electric shock
Installing a ground fault circuit breaker
If using the Incubator in a location with moisture or humidity cannot be avoided, then it is recommended
that a ground fault circuit breaker be installed in the power supply circuit (i.e., the power supply at the
Incubator). Have the circuit breaker installed by qualified service personnel.
Do not climb on the Incubator or place objects on top of it. Doing so may damage it or cause it to fall
over, resulting in injury. If it is to be stacked, refer to page 62 and stack it securely.
When the Incubator is not in use
Empty the water from the humidifying pan and remove moisture from the chamber. Make sure that the
chamber is completely dry before closing the doors. Failure to do so may result in damage.
Before moving the Incubator
Before moving the Incubator, empty the water from the humidifying pan, disconnect the power supply plug
from the outlet, and make sure that the cord will not be damaged. Failure to do so may result in electric
shock or fire.
Leveling feet

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Table of Contents

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