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Install Hood Liner In-Line (External Type) Blower Motor - KitchenAid 36" Installation Instructions And Use And Care Manual

36" (91.4 cm) and 48" (121.9 cm) hood liner
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6. Attach power cord connector from the range hood to
connector on wiring box.
A. Wiring box connector
B. Power supply connector
from range hood
7. Go to the "Make Electrical Power Supply Connection to Hood
Liner" section.
Install Hood Liner In-Line (External Type)
Blower Motor
NOTE: Your hood liner requires you to purchase either an internal
type or an in-line (external type) blower motor system. See
"Blower Motor System" in the "Accessories" section.
Prepare for Mounting the In-Line Blower System
The in-line blower system must be fastened to a secure structure
of the roof, ceiling, wall, floor, or new or existing frame
construction. The 4 holes on either the inlet (bottom) side or the
outlet (top) side of the blower must be used to mount the in-line
blower system to the structure.
NOTE: The mounting hole locations must span the studs.
Additional stud framing may be required. Plywood may be used
to span open areas between ceiling joists or roof rafters to aid
installation. This structure must be strong enough to support the
weight of the in-line blower system (50 lb [22.6 kg] min).
Prepare the In-line Blower System
Excessive Weight Hazard
Use two or more people to move and install in-line
blower motor system.
Failure to do so can result in back or other injury.
1. Using two or more people, move the in-line blower motor
system to the mounting location.
2. Remove the 10 screws from the front cover of the in-line
blower motor housing and set them aside.
3. Remove the front cover of the in-line blower motor housing
and set it aside.
NOTE: To make the blower motor housing easier to mount, the
blower motor assembly can be removed. If you do not want to
remove the blower motor assembly, proceed to "Install In-line
Blower System" in this section.
4. Disconnect the motor electrical plug from the blower motor
5. Remove the screws that secure the blower motor assembly
to the in-line blower housing and set them aside.
6. Pull the spring clip to release the blower motor assembly.
Remove the blower motor assembly from the housing and
place it on a covered surface.
A. Front cover
B. Blower mounting screws
C. Spring clip
D. Bottom housing mounting holes
E. Motor electrical plug
Install In-line Blower System
NOTE: The blower motor housing can be mounted using 4 holes
from either the inlet side or the outlet side of the blower.
Outlet Side
Inlet Side
A. Mounting holes
1. Position the in-line blower motor housing in its mounting
location and mark the 4 mounting hole locations.
2. Drill 4 mounting pilot holes using a
3. Attach the in-line blower motor housing to the mounting
location with four 6 x 80 mm mounting screws and washers.
4. If it is removed, reinstall the blower motor assembly and
secure it with the screws previously removed.
5. If it is removed, reattach the motor electrical plug to the
connector on the blower motor assembly.
" (5 mm) drill bit.


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