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Suggestions On Food Storage - LG GT6031PS Owner's Manual

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Store fresh food in the refrigerator compartment. How food is frozen and thawed is an important
factor in maintaining its freshness and flavor.
Do not store food which goes bad easily at low temperatures, such as bananas, pineapples, and
Allow hot food to cool prior to storing. Placing hot food in the refrigerator could spoil other food and
lead to higher electric bills!
When storing, cover food with vinyl wrap or store in a container with a lid. This prevents moisture from
evaporating and helps food to keep its taste and nutrients.
Do not block air vents with food. Smooth circulation of chilled air keeps refrigerator temperatures
Do not open the door frequently. Opening the door lets warm air enter the refrigerator, causing
temperatures to rise.
Do not store bottles in the freezer compartment - they may break when frozen.
Do not refreeze food that has been thawed. This deteriorates taste and nutrition.
When storing frozen food like ice cream for a long period, place it on the freezer shelf,
not in the door rack.
It is reco
ended to load food at least 25mm for type A or 15mm for type B against back of
freezer wall, it will keep good air circulation in the freezer compartment (see page
Freezer Door Basket, marked (
storage of frozen food (optional).
Avoid placing moist food deep inside refrigerator shelves, it could freeze upon direct contact
with chilled air.
Always clean food prior to refrigeration. Vegetables and fruits should be washed and wiped,
and packed food should be wiped clean to prevent adjacent food from spoiling.
When storing eggs in their storage rack, ensure that they are fresh. Always store them in a upright
position, which keeps them fresh longer.
To avoid contamination of food, please respect the following instructions:
Opening the door for long periods can cause a significant increase of the temperature in the
compartments of the appliance.
Clean regularly surfaces that can come in contact with food and accessible drainage systems.
Store raw meat and fish in suitable containers in the refrigerator, so that it is not in contact with or
drip onto other food.
Two-star frozen-food compartments are suitable for storing pre-frozen food, storing or making ice-
cream and making ice cubes (optional).
One-, two-, and three-star compartments are not suitable for the freezing of fresh food (optional).
If the refrigerating appliance is left empty for long periods, switch off, defrost, clean, dry, and leave
the door open to prevent mould developing within the appliance.
) is -12
C compartment, that is suitable for short term