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Battery Disposal - Black & Decker BT2000 Instruction Manual

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In order to get maximum performance and maximum
battery life, it is important that you recharge the
battery immediately after each use. Battery failure
could occur if the battery is stored without having a
full charge.

Battery disposal

When the battery requires replacing you
should discharge the energy from the battery
by running the mower until it stops. Remove
the battery from the mower .
Warning: The battery may still have some
residual charge even after the motor stops.
It is therefore necessary to protect against
accidental short circuit of the battery
terminals with uninsulated tools or materials
of a conductive nature, such as, but not
limited to steel wool or aluminium foil.
Batteries must be disposed of in a
responsible manner.
This symbol indicates the lead acid battery
contained within this unit must be disposed
of properly and not discarded in everyday
household waste which may be disposed of
in an incinerator or landfill site.
Lead acid batteries can be harmful to the
environment and can explode when exposed
to fire. Do not incinerate.
The battery should be taken to a
Black & Decker service centre, your local
dealer or your local recycling station. If
necessary, contact your local authority for
disposal information.
BT2000 ML
20/3/00, 3:32 pm



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