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Battery Information; Charging Instructions - Black & Decker BT2000 Instruction Manual

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Battery information

The battery in your handle/battery assembly is a
12 volt sealed lead acid system. The battery
employs an absorbed electrolyte and, can
therefore, be stored in any position without
fear of leakage.
The battery has been charged at the factory,
however, it will be necessary to recharge the
battery for a minimum of 24 hours to ensure
maximum performance before initial use.
For optimal performance the battery should
be recharged after each use and left on
permanent charge.
For winter storage:
To maximise battery lifetime and to maintain
its full capacity you best leave your battery
on permanent charge at all times. The
charger is designed to be left permanently
charging your battery at negligible power
If for some reason you cannot leave the
battery on permanent charge, for winter
storage ensure:
• That the battery is fully charged before
• That the storage temperature at the
storage location is below 25°C.
• That the storage duration is less than
6 months.
• That you recharge the battery for a
minimum of 24 hours before first use.
• Storage location.
Choose a dry and cool storage location, less
than 25°C, for your battery, indoors and away
from heat sources (such as radiators and flames)
and chemicals and water.

Charging instructions

The charging time from completely
empty to full is approx. 16 hours.
Always charge your battery indoors in a
well ventilated area, where it is dry and
protected from the weather, away from
water, heat sources (such as radiators,
heaters, stoves etc.) flames or chemicals.
Charge in a location where the
temperature is more than 5˚C (41 ˚ F) and
below 40˚C (104˚F).
BT2000 ML
Recharge battery to a fulI charge immediately
after use.
Instruction manual
Warning! Do not attempt to charge
non-rechargeable batteries.
To charge
The battery can be charged on the
product or can be removed and
charged seperately if a mains socket is
not at hand.
To charge the battery ON the product
A red light will be illuminating on the
charger indicating that the battery is
charging. The light will remain on until
charging is complete at which time the
green light will come on indicating that
the charging is complete. At this time
the charger will switch into maintenance
charge mode to keep the battery fresh
While being charged, the battery must
either be firmly hooked to the wall mount
base, attached to the product or
separate, or being securely placed on a
level surface. When separate the battery
shall be placed on its side.
Refer to the instruction manual of the
product you are going to use your
battery BT2000 with.
To charge the battery seperate from
the product
Follow the instructions in the manual for
detachment of the battery.
Lay the battery on its side on a level
Charge as above.
To charge two batteries simultaneously
If two batteries are to be charged at the
same time the enclosed charging lead
should be used.
Lay batteries on their sides.
Connect the female plug to the charger.
Connect the two male plugs to each
Charge as above, charge time is
approximately 32 hours.
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