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Suggestion On Food Storage; Storing Food - LG GR-181LA User Manual

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Storing food

Opening the door often or keeping the door opened a
long time, increases the inside temperature. This causes
the storage life and flavor of the foods to reduce, and
increases the energy consumption.
Arranging food
- Store the food products that give off odor in closed
containers and wrap.
- Use aluminum foil, plastic foil and metal or glass
containers as the packing material for foods.
- Allow warm foods to cool down sufficiently before
placing inside the appliance.
- Keep high-proof alcoholic beverages in airtight bottles
and upright position.
- Do not store the products (melon, banana, pineapple
etc) which are likely to go bad at low temperature.
<Refer to the Figure of page 7>
Bread, ready-cooked meals.
Meat, Sausages, Slice products.
Vegetables, Fruit, Salad produce.
Butter, Cheese.
Small glasses or bottles, cans, spices.
Large beverage bottles.
Make sure the door is closed properly.

Suggestion on food storage


Table of Contents