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Chapter 3 Preparation; Network Environment; Lte Usb Modem; Wireless Lan - Sony CBK-WA100 Setup Manual

Wireless network connection
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Prepare the following items before setting up your camcorder in each use case.
Appropriate network settings and Network Client Mode settings are needed for each use case.

3.1. Network Environment

The supported network environments for internet connection are as follows.
• 4G/LTE USB Modem

• Wireless LAN

• Wired LAN
3.1.1. 4G/LTE USB Modem
The supported USB modem models vary depending on the country or region.
For details, contact a Sony professional sales representative.
"Single Link" and "Dual Link" are both supported for the Live Streaming Operation use case.
"Single Link" uses one network, while "Dual Link" uses multiple networks for streaming.
"Dual Link" works with two 4G/LTE USB modems, or one 4G/LTE USB modem and one wireless LAN station
network. In this case, use of different carriers is recommended for stable network performance.
For "Dual Link", the CBK-DL1 USB Adapter is required.
Before attaching a 4G/LTE USB modem to the camcorder, check the operation on your computer.
In particular, if you install a new SIM or replace the SIM, check the modem's settings on the computer.
If you replace the SIM with a SIM from another carrier, you need to reset the APN (Access Point Name).
3.1.2. Wireless LAN
Check the wireless LAN router's settings before configuring the camcorder's network settings.
The following information is required.
• SSID and password
• Whether the IP address is set by DHCP or manually
• Whether DNS is set automatically or manually



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