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About The Battery - Honeywell RP2B Instructions Manual

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About the Battery

Use only Honeywell Li-ion battery packs 50133975-
001 or 550053-000 in this device. Use of any non-
Honeywell battery may result in damage not covered
by the warranty.
Battery Recommendations
• Batteries are shipped approximately 30% charged or less and
should be fully charged for maximum charge capacity.
• The battery is a lithium ion cell and can be used without a full
charge, and can also be charged without fully discharging
without impacting the battery life. There is no need to perform
any charge/discharge conditioning on this type of battery.
• Do not disassemble the battery. There are no user-serviceable
parts in the battery.
• Do not allow metallic conductive objects to contact battery
terminals. Do not short-circuit a battery or throw it into a fire;
it can explode and cause severe personal injury.
• Improper battery use may result in a fire, explosion, or other
• Although your battery can be recharged many times, it will
eventually be depleted. Replace it after the battery is unable to
hold an adequate charge.
• If you are not sure if the battery or charger is working properly,
send it to Honeywell International Inc. or an authorized service
center for inspection. Refer to
additional information.
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