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Description Of The Instrument; Function - Hitachi OE700 Series Operating Manual

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Description of the instrument



The OE700 series is a laboratory spectrometer for qualitative and quantitative analysis
of metal grades.
The metal sample to be analysed is positioned at the spark stand and clamped with a
hold-down device. The sample is sparked with an electrically generated arc at the
surface. Upon discharging, an area of the sample surface is melted and evaporated by
the spark. From the high energy in the spark, a plasma results. This plasma emits light
which is spectrally analysed and measured by means of optical sensors. A certain area
of the measured spectrum can be assigned to every element.
The instrument is operated via control keys and by use of a supplied software which
displays the analysis result on the screen of the connected computer. The analysis
result can be stored in the internal database or exported. Through comparison with
stored grade data it can be determined immediately whether or with what deviations the
analysed grade fulfils the required specifications. Certificates can be easily designed
and printed.

4 Description of the instrument

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