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To Do A Test Of The Installation; Weather Timer; Safe Operation In Slopes; New Loop Signal - Husqvarna Automower 305 Workshop Manual

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3.7.4 STOP sensor
There is a magnet and a Hall sensor that detects if the
STOP button is pushed down. If the STOP signal is
indicated, the product and the blade disc stop
immediately and the hatch is released.
3.7.5 Collision sensors
There is no collision sensor in this product. The product
measures the wheel motor current to sense collision.

3.8 To do a test of the installation

ECO mode before you do the tests.
Note: Turn off
Lawn coverage test you can do a test of the
With the
selected installation settings.
3.8.1 Test: Lawn coverage
Test: Lawn coverage can only be used once
Note: The
the product has calibrated the guide wire. In other
words, the product must have left the charging station
on at least one occasion, either in
connection with the start-up sequence.
Test: Lawn coverage function is used to test if the
product can follow the guide wire or the boundary loop
at the selected corridor width out from the charging
Test: Lawn coverage can also be used to measure
the distance from the charging station to a remote area.
The distance, stated in meters, is shown in the product
display when STOP is pressed. How to do the test is
described in the Operator's manual.

3.9 Weather timer

Weather timer is activated, the product automatically
adjust its mowing times based on how fast the grass
grows. This is decided by continuously measuring the
blade disc resistance and comparing that to a mean
value. If the resistance is higher than the mean value,
the product is allowed to work for a longer time, and the
other way around. It takes a full day of mowing before
the mean value can be calculated, and during this time
Weather timer will not affect the mowing time.
Note: The mean value will be reset if the product has
been turned off for more than 50 hours, if the settings
are reset, or if the cutting height is adjusted.
Weather timer does not make the product work
more than the timer settings, only less. The product will
always perform at least one mowing cycle per day, only
after that the mowing time is reduced by the
timer .
8 - Product and installation
Auto mode or in

3.10 Safe operation in slopes

The product adjusts its operation automatically based on
factors such as the slope angle and travel direction.
If the slope is too steep, the product moves rearwards
and turns to try to find a less steep slope. If after 2
attempts the product cannot find a less steep slope, it
stops and the display indicates that the stop is caused
by a steep incline.
Slopes that exceed the specified maximum inclination
can normally only be reached in very favourable
conditions. Accessibility on steeper slopes than
specified cannot be guaranteed.

3.11 New loop signal

In rare cases, there may be a reason to change the loop
signal. For example, if two nearby installations have the
same loop signal they can interfere with each other.
1. Select a new loop signal via the menu in the display.
Note: A new loop signal has to be generated when the
product returns to its ordinary charging station, for
example after service if a charging station other than the
customer's has been used. Refer to
15 .
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