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Safety - Kenwood CCL45 Instructions Manual

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Read these instructions carefully and retain for future
Remove all packaging and any labels.
If the cord is damaged it must, for safety reasons, be
replaced by KENWOOD or an authorised KENWOOD repairer.
For correct operation ensure that the bowl base is clean and
dry before fitting to the power unit.
Always switch off and unplug before:
assembling or disassembling;
when not in use;
before cleaning.
Always remove the stir tool and whisk before pouring
content from the bowl to avoid burning from splashing hot
Be careful if hot liquid is poured into the food processor as it
can be ejected out of the appliance due to sudden steaming.
The blades have been designed to be retained on the drive
shaft and should only be removed once the content has been
removed from the bowl. The blades are sharp, handle with
Keep hands and utensils out of the bowl whilst connected to
the power supply.
When leaving the appliance unattended in the cooking mode
pay close attention to the following:
ensure the instructions are followed with regards to
temperatures and maximum quantities to process;
make sure the unit and cord are positioned out of reach of
children and away from the edge of the work surface;
check the progress on a regular basis to ensure enough
liquid is added and food is not overcooking.
Take care when lifting this appliance as it is heavy. Ensure the
bowl is empty and outlet cover is secure before moving. Do
not lift by the bowl handles.
Do not move the unit whilst in operation or still hot.



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