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Rechargeable Battery Pack; Dry Cell - Honeywell Impact Series Operating Instructions And Maintenance Manual


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7�3�1 Rechargeable Battery Pack
The rechargeable battery packs are sealed units. Do not attempt to remove the
cells from the packs as this will invalidate the safety certification.
Battery packs can be recycled by returning to the nearest Honeywell Analytics
Appointed Distributor.
Remove the battery packs if the instrument will not be used for some time.
briefly light, to indicate charging will occur.
While charging, two of the red LEDs will flash at a slow rate. Once fully charged the
red LEDs will be switched off and the green LEDs will be constantly lit.
If the instrument is switched on when it is placed in the Base Station the charging
progress will be displayed on the instrument.
If a dry-cell instrument is inadvertently placed in the Base Station no damage will
occur due to a built-in safety system.
In the event that the rechargeable battery packs needs to be replaced or the dry-cell
adapters are to be used to power the instrument, the battery screws (see Section 1.2
Product Overview) are unscrewed using the built-in tool (see Section 1.2 Product
Overview) and the sealed units removed. Replacement rechargeable packs are
inserted into the compartments and the screws tightened.
The full fast charge time for a pair of fully discharged battery packs is 7 hours
indicated by two of the red alarm LEDs flashing approximately every 4 seconds. After
this period the instrument will trickle charge the battery packs indefinitely shown by
the green LEDs being constantly illuminated. Charging algorithm is based on a timer
function so if the charging cycle is interrupted it will be necessary to leave Impact
on Base Station for 7 hours to produce steady green LED light
7�3�2 Dry Cell
Use of any other dry-cell battery will render the intrinsic safety approval of the
instrument void.
Impact / Impact Pro / Impact Pro IR Operating Instructions
The Base Station accessory is used to charge rechargeable
battery packs, provided it is powered from an appropriate
power supply source. The instrument is simply placed in
the Base Station, which charges the packs under the
control of the instrument.
When first placed in the Base Station all four red LEDs will
If dry cells are to be used the specific adapters must be used
to comply with certification. Ensure the orientation of the
individual cells is correct, and that they are all of the following
MN1500 or Energizer


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