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Adcom a/v receiver user's manual gfr-700hd
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Chapter 5 - Help

Customer Support

Use the Troubleshooting chart on page 64 to resolve
common situations that don't require professional at-
tention. If the information provided does not resolve
your problem, please contact your Adcom dealer or
contact the Adcom customer service department as
Adcom, LLC
8541 E. Anderson Dr., Suite 101
Scottsdale, Arizona 85255
Telephone: (480) 607-2277
Fax: (480) 348-9876

Adcom Protection Plan

Adcom offers the enclosed valuable Limited War-
ranty. Please read the details on the Warranty Card
carefully to understand the extent of the protection
offered by the Warranty, its reasonable limitations,
and what you should do in order to obtain its ben-
efits. Be sure to verify that the serial number printed
on the rear panel matches the serial number on the
outer carton. If any number is altered or missing, you
should notify us immediately in order to ensure that
you have received a genuine Adcom product which
has not been opened, mishandled, or tampered with
in any way. Always retain your original sales receipt
as a proof of purchase.
Product Care & Maintenance
Before your Adcom receiver left our factory, it was
carefully inspected for physical imperfections and
tested for all electrical parameters as a routine part
of Adcom's systematic quality control. This, along
with full operational and mechanical testing, should
ensure a product flawless in both appearance and
After you have unpacked the GFR-700HD, inspect it
for physical damage. Save the shipping carton and all
packing material as they are intended to reduce the
possibility of transportation damage should the re-
ceiver ever need to be shipped again. In the unlikely
event damage has occurred, notify your dealer im-
mediately and request the name of the carrier so a
written claim to cover shipping damages can be initi-
ated. The right to a claim against a public carrier can
be forfeited if the carrier is not notified promptly in
writing and if the shipping carton and packing mate-
rials are not available for inspection by the carrier.
Save all packing materials until the claim has been
A Special Note on "Hum"
If there is a low-volume "hum" audible throughout
your speakers, even with the main volume turned
all the way down, you have a common phenomenon
known as a "ground loop." Generally, the cause of a
ground loop is the CableTV incoming signal line.
To determine if your cable system is the contributing
factor, disconnect the CableTV incoming signal line
(round, 75Ω) at the wall, or the first component the
cable is connected to (e.g. the cable box or VCR). If
the hum is no longer present, you must insert a "75Ω
ground loop isolator" before reconnecting the line.
Check with your Adcom dealer to obtain one.

System Reset

In rare cases the GFR-700HD internal processor may
freeze or lock-up causing abnormal operation. This
is common to all micro-processor controlled devic-
es when the unit is subject to excessive static dis-
charge, AC line noise, or power spikes. In most cases
it is easy to solve this problem by simply turning off
the GFR-700HD with the rear power switch (position
0) for about five minutes. After waiting, turn the unit
back on (position 1). If the unit functions normally,
no further action is needed.
In the event that the unit still does not operate prop-
erly, it may be necessary to manually reset the pro-
cessor. Note, however, that when the processor is
reset you will lose all settings including digital au-
dio assignments, surround mode settings, speaker
configurations, tuner presets and any other memory
items. For this reason we strongly recommend that
you record these settings so that it is easy to restore
them after resetting the processor. To reset the unit
to factory default settings you will need to enter the
discrete remote control command. Please refer back
to the discrete remote control commands table. The
command name is "Factory Defaults", the IR code is
86h. This should reset the system.
If the manual reset does not solve the problem, con-
tact your authorized Adcom dealer, an authorized
Adcom service center or contact Adcom's service
department directly for further advice.
GFR-700HD Owner's Manual


Table of Contents

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