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Troubleshooting - LG GMQ844MCKV Owner's Manual

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Is there a power interruption?
There is no
• Check the power of other appliances.
If the power plug unplugged from the outlet?
or freezing.
• Plug the power plug in the outlet properly.
Is the fridge or freezer temperature set to its warmest setting?
• Set the fridge or freezer temperature to 'Medium'.
Is the appliance in direct sunlight, or is it near a heat generating object such
as cooking oven or heater?
• Check the installation area and reinstall it away from heat generating objects.
Did you store hot food without cooling it first?
There is poor
• Cool the hot food first before putting it in the fridge or freezer compartment.
Did you put in too much food?
or freezing.
• Maintain an appropriate space between food.
Are the appliance doors completely closed?
• Completely close the door and make sure that stored food is not obstructing in
the door.
Is there enough space around the appliance?
• Adjust the installation position to make enough space around the appliance.
Is the fridge or freezer temperature set to 'Warm'?
• Set the fridge or freezer temperature to 'Medium'.
The appliance
Did you put in food with a strong smell?
contains a
• Store foods with strong smells in a sealed containers.
bad smell.
Vegetables or fruit may have spoiled in the drawer?
• Throw away rotten vegetables and clean the vegetable drawer. Do not store
vegetables too long in the vegetable drawer.
The inside
Does the inside lamp in the appliance turn off?
lamp in the
• It is not possible for customers to replace the inside lamp in the appliance as
they are not serviceable. If the inside lamp does not turn on, please contact the
does not turn
LG Electronics customer information centre.
Is the appliance leaning forward?
• Adjust the front feet to raise the front side slightly.
Were the shelves properly assembled?
The appliance
• Refit the shelves if needed.
door is not
Did you close the door with excessive force?
closed tightly.
• If you apply too much force or speed when closing the door, it may remain
briefly open before closing. Make sure that you do not slam the door closed.
Close without force.
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