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Before First Use; Getting Started - AEG 3 Series Instruction Book

Immersion blender


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Before first use

1. Before using your appliance,
remove all packing material, plastic,
labels, stickers or tags that may be
attached to the motor base, bowls or
Warning! Never immerse the
housing, plug, or cord in water or any
other fluid.
Caution! Switch off the appliance
and disconnect from supply before
changing accessories or approaching
parts that move in use.

Getting started

1. Insert the mixing foot to handheld
part, turn clockwise (A) and lock into
position. To remove, turn mixing foot
counter clockwise (B).
Mattino_ImmersionBlender_AEG.indd 20
2. Wash all parts, except for the motor
base, in warm soapy water. Dry each
part thoroughly before use.
All parts, except for potato
masher foot, whisk adapter and
chopper upper part, can be washed
on the top rack of your dishwasher.
2. Insert the stick mixer deep into the
beaker, begin mixing by starting at
normal speed. Make sure the beaker
is no more than 2/3 (600 ml) full. If
you do not use the beaker, do not
immerse the mixing foot more than
2/3 of its length. Move stick mixer
lightly up and down to ensure best
processing of content. Release switch
to stop.
3. The housing should only be cleaned
with a soft damp cloth, then dried
with a cloth.
Note: Do not use abrasive cleansers
or scouring pads to clean the surfaces
of your appliance.
3. Using the mini chopper*. Place
chopper bowl on a clean, level
surface. Put stainless steel blade into
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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents