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Whirlpool W10388777A Installation Instructions Manual page 16

Whirlpool clothes dryer user manual
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Reverse the strike
1. Remove the door strike (A) from the dryer door opening.
2. Remove the cosmetic screw (B) opposite the door strike (A).
A. Door strike
B. Cosmetic screw
3. Reinstall the door strike and cosmetic screw on the opposite
side of dryer door opening from where they were removed.
NOTE: Door strike and plugs must be on the same side
of the dryer door opening.
Reinstall the door
1. Remove the 4 screws and two hinges from the dryer door.
2. Replace the 4 screws in the same holes
3. Remove the 4 screws from the opposite side of the door.
4. Install the two hinges to the front panel of the dryer using
4 screws. Use the non-slotted side to attach the hinge
to the front panel.
5. Install screws in top hinge holes in the door. Do not tighten
screws. Leave approximately 1/4" (5 mm) of screw exposed
6. Hang door by placing screw heads into top slotted holes of
hinges and slide door down. Align bottom screw holes in hinge
and door. Install two bottom screws. Tighten all hinge screws.
7. Close door to engage door strike.



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